So my house got flooded yesterday (130117) and also today (130118) and maybe tomorrow too. It really pisses me off. This is the very first time I experience this in my 18 years of life. Usually although rain pours really heavy my house won’t get flooded. Just like the other day when it was raining for almost 24 hours non-stop my house was fine. But I guess this time is an exception.

The electricity went off since yesterday too. I am so afraid to go to the bathroom because it’s so dark there. I only peed twice yesterday 😥 I didn’t shower, I didn’t clean my face, didn’t even brush my teeth because I was so afraid.

I woke up at 5 yesterday and saw my dad was trying to block the water from coming into the house by placing sandbags and other barriers under every door. He said everything was fine, under control and asked us (me and my two sisters) to go to bed. My sisters didn’t go to sleep because they wanted to help dad, wanted to see the rain and blah blah blah. Because I thought everything was fine, water had been blocked and everything was gonna be fine so I slept again.

Around 20 or 30 mins later I heard my sisters screamed “COCKROACH COCKROACH!! COCKROACH!  BIG COCKROACH!!!” LOL I got so afraid so I put books under my door thinking everything was fine and my sisters would take care of it annnnnd I went back to Dream Land.

I guess not long after it my sisters yelled at me sooooooo loud and forced me to wake up. When I got out from my room surprise…. WATER WAS LITERALLY EVERYWHERE. And I heard rain was still pouring real hard outside. First words which came across my mind was “FUCK!”.

 I was afraid and trembling in the same time because it was the very first time I experience it. Mom and Dad were not at home because my mom runs a “Canteen” so my mom was there, cooking and dad helped mom.

So I ran to the kitchen, grab plastic plates and threw it to my sisters and yelled “BLOCK THE WATER! GET THIS THING OUT OF OUR HOUSE! CLEAN THE HOUSE!”. So I nyerokin air (listen, It’s Indonesian and I don’t know the proper English to translate it lol).

I was exhausted. I guess I started nyerokin air at 6. Around 6. Then at 8 I got back pain lol yes. I squatted  for 2 hours (or even more) because I had to nyerokin air. My thighs, my back, my left arms also my fingers, and neck were all in pain. Even my feet’s skin looked like grandma’s skin. During those 2 hours my dad came back few times bringing plastics, sandbags and other barriers.

It’s true that when you’re trying to protect the ones you love, you’ll do anything. I saw some wounds on my dad’s toes maybe because of the rocks and sand he brought and also he carried it all the way home when rain was pouring really heavy. He carried it all with his own hands! People, he’s 50!

We told him that we’re fine, we were ok, we could handle it all but he kept saying no. he wanted to take care of everything and he wanted us to just wait in our bedroom. I’m crying now. He’s really…

It always makes me sad that my dad always tries to do his best to protect us. To make us feel that we’re secure and happy without thinking about himself. I mean, dad.. don’t push yourself too hard. He won’t stop no matter how hard we stop him. That’s my dad and I’m really grateful that I have a dad like him.

I don’t mean to brag to y’all that I have this super dad or what but I just want to tell you that every dad is this great. This awesome. This amazing. Maybe sometimes you ignore what you dad tells you, sometimes you get pissed because of him, sometimes you feel like your dad doesn’t really care about you and other things but remember, Dads just can’t express what they feel as good as Moms. But he watches every single your activities. He takes care of you in his own way. You’ll never understand your dad unless you are a dad. And it’s true that Dads do love his children more than Moms.

He loves you so deep even the deepest ocean can’t beat. He loves you so big even the whole galaxy isn’t his competitor.  He loves you so high even the sky is nothing.

I can’t continue this oh God I’m really crying right now and the bad news is… my dad is actually right behind me. I can’t let him see me crying or he will be very very worry about me for the rest of the  day… or maybe week.

I hope after you reading this you guys are gonna love your dad more and don’t forget to always say thank you to God that you are loved by your father. And also mom.



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