That Winter, the Wind Blows [review]

That Winter, the Wind Blows [review]


So it’s been awhile since the last time i watched kdrama /lol/. Alice in Cheongdam-dong brought me back to watch again /thanks PSH/. But this post isn’t going to review Alice but That Winter, the Wind Blows. Do you guys know this drama? No? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!

That Winter, the Wind Blows is a romatic and melodrama, starring Song Hye Kyo, Jo In Sung, Kim Bum and Eunji (yes Eunji from Apink) as main casts. Let’s start reviewing this drama!

The drama /imo/ was actually a bit boring. I waskinda pissed off watching the whole eps to be honest.  Not because the plot wasn’t interesting or stupid but because of Song Hye Kyo’s role (Oh Young). Ahhh, rich women disease. I was kinda irritated at how she behaved /i blame the scriptwriter/. I hate how she acted all nice to Oh Soo (played by Jo In Sung) then suddenly turned into a bitch. Well but this what kept me watching this lol.

Like what I said before, the drama was bit boring. What kept me watching this were Jo In Sung (It’s been 8 years since his last drama (Spring Days in 2005, but he played 2 films in 2006 and 2008)) and Kim Bum. Ok, maybe I sound a bit delusional but Kim Bum looked so freaking hottt hereeee.



I like how Jo In Sung played his role beautifully. He could show everything with his facial expressions. I like the way he cried /lol/.


As for Song Hye Kyo, she also played her role neatly. Kim Bum, thank you Director-nim for giving him a hot-headed-guy role, he was perfect for this role. Eunji! I always hate it when idols are given important roles in movies and dramas. I was hesitating whether I should watch this or not because Eunji was one of the important roles here. But as soon as Eunji got screen time, I changed my mind immediately.  She made me believe that she was an actress not an idol! Bravo! Eunji really did well here. I like how she expressed her anger, her tears and her cute side, her expressions were real.
I liked the plot tbh. I liked Oh Soo’s transformation. I thought Jo Moo Chul was a bad guy but then it turned out that he was actually protecting Oh Soo and Jin Sung from President Kim. I cried when he dead. I, until now, still don’t know  my feelings toward Secretary Wang. She technically killed Oh Young’s dad but in the last 3 eps she turned into a “mother”?

The last ep was WHAT-THE-HELL-IS-HAPPENING episode. Jin Sung was asked to kill Oh Soo and he practically did it. I cried a river when Jin Sung stabbed Oh Soo. Then there was a scene where Hee Sun asked Jin Sung what kind of flower should they bring for Oh Soo. You know what I mean here.


Buttttt, it’s not kdrama if it doesn’t end with a happy ending, right? Ah, so happy that Oh Soo and Oh Young could be together.

Let’s move to the OST. Alright I admit. Yesung made me watch this show. Yesung sings one song for this drama it’s called Gray Paper [perf on inkigayo| perf on SS5Seoul|from LOEN YT ]. My other fav song is Gummy’s Snowflakes [perf on inkigayo]. You can’t forget the opening song too! It’s The One’s Winter Story [from LOEN YT]. SNSD’s Taeyeon also sang one song, it’s And One.

My rating for this drama is 9 out of 10. Not because of the amazing lineup of casts, but simply because each cast’s talent and a good plot. Also, the production team used expensive high-definition ALEXA Plus cameras, known for their rich color and high-speed cinematography. They also employed twice as much lighting equipment as do other dramas.








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