Alice in Cheongdam-dong [review]

Alice in Chongdam-dong [Review]

before i start this i wanna tell you something. You may not know this, but i’m a big fan of PSH and hopefully he’ll get cast for dramas in future bcf his scandal i’m afraid he wont act anymore.

Let’s start the review ❤

The plot : too predictable! A pretty but poor girl meets a chaebol guy then they both fall in love. They’ll face problems but in the end they’ll be together and live happily ever ever ever ever after. This is the formula for almost all kdramas. And apparently this drama also had this kinda plot! Scriptwriter, was it hard for you to write more complex story?

Casts : PSH [Seungjo] played his role neatly, as always ❤ I loved his dorky side, then he turned into a charismatic guy then a dorky guy again then charismatic again. Moon Geun Young [Han Sekyung] also played her role very neatly, but maybe because of his youthful spirit that you can’t deny, in some scenes she just looked awkward /ouch/

Another formula of kdramas is a bitchy guy/woman who tries so hard to win the male/female lead’s heart. In this drama Soo E Hyun [Soo Yooju] was the bitch. She portrayed Chongdam-dong woman very well though. She was so elegant and she made me even wanted to be like her /yes, look for white rabbit and become a daughter-in-law of a rich family/ /pls Siwon, i’m ready here/. She was so flawless too, her acting was outstanding too imo.

I actually liked the twist at the end. Yooju apparently became poor and Sekyung.. well you could predict her end.

The drama was actually boring. Bleh. Like what i said earlier, this was too predictable. Also, the fashion in this drama was boring too. Double bleh. They only wore black. All blaaaacckkkkkk. Coordi noonas, you didnt have that many outfit for your casts? Production team… I love the diversity of fashion in a drama because that’s a plus point /personal opinion/. But in this drama, what could I see….

OST : K-Will sang one song, it’s also my favorite, the title is Love Like This. My other personal fav is Baek Ah Yeon’s Daddy Long Legs. The title is a bit… but it’s a nice song. F(X)’s Luna also sang one song, it’s It’s  Okay. And other songs that im just too lazy to explain.

Unlike my earlier reviews where I tend to write too much lol, idk what to write for this one tbh since the drama was boring and nothing really attracted me. also this is the reason why i dont insert any images in this post lol

So let’s just finish this review /I’m hopeless okay/. I give 6.5 out of 10 for Alice Chongdam-dong. I actually wanted to give 5 out of 10 but the OST earned 1.5 from me.

I Hear Your Voice review is coming up. Im still trying so hard to finish watching it. It’s exam week and I need too study too that why T__T. LEE JONG SUK IS HANDSOME AND I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH HIM T__T




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  1. DramazC
    Dec 26, 2013 @ 14:53:11

    I feel you!


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