I Hear Your Voice [review]



I AM BACCCCCCCCCCCCCCK!! I finished watching IHYV almost a week ago but I just have time to write the review today. One word /or two?/ WHAT A DRAMA!

What can i say? DAMN! The first 2 episodes really made me giggled. So fluffy, cute and asjnfhuhfir. The plot wasn’t predictable too. I loved how the scriptwriter twisted my stomach.

Lee Jongsuk [Park Sooha in this drama] was so cute. His acting ability may not be good enough, but he tried his best and you could see that he really poured out his everything for his scenes. Yes, in some scenes his acting was not good enough and ect but overall, I was satisfied.


Cha Lawyer [Yoon Sang Hyun]! His acting was sooooo adorable. Again, in the first episodes he was all dorky, playful, cheerful and all but starting in the middle until the end he was so charismatic. I loved how he could be damn dorky then turned into a charismatic guy then became dorky again then charismatic again. He acted so well. I’ve known him since 2009 or 2008 and since then I acknowledged his acting skill.

Jang Lawyer [Lee Bo Young] was an arrogant, cold-lady. IHYV is the first drama of the hers that I watch so prior this I had no knowledge about her acting. But in this drama she was adorable! And she made me cried few times! /thanks!/

I loved how the scriptwriter actually came up with something that’s different from other drama. Yes! Sooha’s ability in reading people’s minds. I found it very interesting.

The age gap between the 2  lead roles actually made me uncomfortable a bit. 10 years gap! But they both could acted well for their roles. I think this what’s called as professionalism.


the ending was sweet though ❤

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