I Hear Your Voice [review]



I AM BACCCCCCCCCCCCCCK!! finished watching IHYV almost a week ago but i just have time to writre the review today. one word /or two?/ WHAT A DRAMA!

what can i say? DAMN! the first 2 episodes really made me giggled.  so fluffy, cute and asjnfhuhfir. the plot wasnt predictable too. i loved how the scriptwriter twisted my stomach.

Lee Jongsuk [Park Sooha in this drama] was so cute. his acting ability may not be good enough, but he tried his best and you could see that he really pour out his everything for his scenes. yes, ofc in some scenes his acting was not good enough and ect but overall, i’m satisfied.


he’s cute T_T

Cha Lawyer [Yoon Sang Hyun]! his acting was sooooo adorable. again, in the first episodes he was all dorky, playful, cheerful and all but starting in the middle until the end he was so charismatic. i loved how he could be damn dorky then turned into a charismatic guy then became dorky again then charismatic again aaaahhhhh. btw, it’s Yoon Sang Hyun! hands down! nothing to comment on. he acted so well. i’ve known him since 2009 or 2008 and since then i acknowledged his acting skill.

Jang Lawyer [Lee Bo Young] was arrogant, cold-lady lmao. IHYV is the first drama of the that i watch so before this idk about her acting. but in this drama she was adorable! and she made me cried few times! /thanks!/

and this drama had many more actors and actresses, but im too damn lazy to review the all /i hv exam tmr so pls understand lol/

i loved how the scriptwriter actually came up with something that’s different from other drama. yes! Sooha’s ability in reading people’s minds. i found it interesting.

let’s review Sooha [Lee Jong Suk] a little more. like what i said, im quite satisfied with his acting. when sooha wanted to kill min joon kook /what ep i forget/. his acting in ep 12 /when he was getting back his memory/ really got me, it was daebak! it’s hard to pull off that kind of acting because you got to be sad, upset, confused and in pain in the same time! it really got me there. woa, this guy is really something. i heard from somewhere too that a veteran actress once said Jong Suk will be the next Won Bin. i dont mean anything but Jong Suk still loooooong way to go. and sorry but.. Won Bin is Won Bin okay. noone cant be the next him,

the age gap between the 2  lead roles actually made me uncomfortable a bit. 10 years gap! but they both could acted well for their roles. i think this what’s called as professionalism.

not gonna talked about the plot and the story since im too tired lol mian.

OST : what happened?! a great drama but with not-so-great-osts? but Every Single Day’s Echo is lovely to listen to. and for the instrumental tracks i love Echo Arp.


the ending was sweet though ❤


for those who’s following my twitter must know that in the last 2 days i rant alot about Jang Ok Jung, Living by Love drama. yes im watching it and gonna watch the last eps later when im ready to see Ok Jung die.


for those who dont know my “writing review style”, im not like those who clearly explain every detail, every scene, cap scenes etc. i only review the dramas only for overall, my opinion about them and how the casts impress me, in this case, yes their acting. im not a lovely dovey type of viewer who watches dramas because of great reviews from others /we all have different taste okay/. if the drama bores me, i’ll say it’s boring [like Alice in Chongdam-dong] if it’s a great drama, i’ll say great [like Moon that Embraces the Sun]. i’m not being biased to the casts. even if the cast is my fav but if i find his/her acting doesnt impress me than i’ll be objective.  im not that kind of person who always praises a drama because of its great lineup of cast. lol. im not a friendly person trust me.

No Offense k-drama lovers



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