Quick Review of 6 Dramas!!

Quick Review

Review of  6 dramas. Because either the dramas are boring or Im just too lazy to make separate reviews for these dramas. Everything I write below are my opinion, you may not judge someone’s opinion. Also, I watch every drama and judge them from viewer’s perspective not from fan’s perspective.

7th Grade Civil Servant

This drama is a remake of a movie called My Girlfriend Is An Agent (2009, kmovie). Gang Hee looks so pretty here T_T i found myself kept on mumbling “ah pretty” or “she’s so pretty” and those kinda thing throughout the drama ahahahah. Her acting also moved me.  Joo Won, he played in Bread, Love and Dreams i 2010 /but i din watch lol/. He did a great job in my opinion imo. Although this is the first time watching him /he casted Prince Yangmyung in Moon that Embraces the Sun but dropped out bcf Ojakgyo Family being extended, SHIT SHIT SHIT/. He’s really going to be one of the best actor out there /or he already is? kkkk/. Chansung’s acting is great. In few eps i thought he was a REAL ACTOR whose face similiar to 2PM’s Chansung but guys… he is Chansung!!

Overall,this is a good drama to watch but it’s also a boring drama. The rating was low too. Ok, this is because they competed with The Winter, The Wind Blows and IRIS 2. You can check that 7GCS’s rating dropped almost at each ep which i find it funny lol.


A Gentleman’s Dignity

Watched it because of Jang Dong Gun and din expect it to be an interesting drama because as we all know, since Taegukgi Dong Gun always plays strong character. I liked the conflicts even though the plot is pretty predictable /but I din see ‘Meari and Yoon dating’ coming lol/. As always Yoon Se Ah (Sera), Sooro (Taesan) and Jang Dong Gun (Do Jin) nailed it.

Oh I just wanna share, Jang Dong Gun’s acting in his movies is daebak! I knew him through My Way (WATCH IT WATCH IT). Why I say his acting is daebak? Because playing role as solder who actively join war isn’t easy. Previously he also played in Taegukgi (2004, with Won Bin, WATCH IT WATCH IT). Anger and sadness and scared, you must capture those expressions well if not, you’ll ruin the whole movie. Taking role in war movie is also a hard thing to do. Dong Gun himself even said he thought he wouldn’t participate in other war movie after Taegukgi because it’s too hard /but he accept My Way bc the director is the one who directed Taegukgi lolol/

Flower Boys Next Door

Do I the only one who literally get bored watching this? I had to watch their last few episodes twice hoping I’d like the story line but sorry I still think this is a boring drama. YSY, PSH both are amazing but I found them were awkward at times. The plot is…. /sorry/ silly. i. don’t. recommend. This. Idkw my friends kept on suggesting me this drama few months back, now I just regret wasting my 20+ hours watching this. I guess they liked the show bcf YSY? Sorry im not a type of person who watches a drama just because one of the casts is good looking. The last ep was fun though.

If you’re a newbie to kdrama paradise, you may find this drama rather funny and interesting. But if you’ve watched tons of kdramas, you will have the same opinion like me.

Full House Take 2

What happened to their hair? Lols. Got shocked for the first time seeing their hair. 32 eps for this kinda drama is too long. Not a bit, but TOO long. The director, scriptwriter and producer could’ve made this into a 20 or 16-ep drama. I don’t know why they made it too long. The rating was high? If any of you know the rating, just tell me by commenting on the comment section (copas/type the rating for every ep, don’t just link me, im too lazy).

I din really get the storyline maybe bc I was too distracted with their hair lmao. But it’s predictable plot. Poor-rich romance kinda story is a bit unrealistic for me lololol.

Din really enjoy the drama since it’s too long and not worth my precious time /slaps/. What? You expect me to sit and waste my 32 hours on this?

Gu Family Book

Suzy’s acting was awkward. Period. She lacked a lot. Great drama and storyline though. Seung Gi’s acting… hands down!

I Do, I Do

MBA DRAMA! Their acting were great though. But it’s.. once again… predictable. By just watching first 2 eps, I could tell the ending of this drama would be a happy ending. I don’t know why, but lately kdramas are a bit unrealistic and predictable. Dramas in 2009 2010 werent like these days dramas. 2010 is the best period of kdrama imo. 2010 and early 2011.

I’m watching the Heirs and Shark now. The reviews will be up as soon as I finish them (just hope at that time I won’t be lazy to post the reviews lol). Review of Jang Ok Jung, Living by Love will be delayed. I’m still doing research for it and I still can’t accept the history that’s been written down lols. I wanna visit JOJ and the King’s grave by myself to make sure what happened in the past lols. The last sentence, im just kidding.

See ya around, folks


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  1. DramazC
    Dec 26, 2013 @ 14:56:57

    I didn’t enjoy FBND too, so you’re not the only one. FBND had good lineup but they failed because of its weak storyline


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