Don’t Look Back : The Legend of Orpheus (Shark) – Drama Review

Don’t Look Back : The Legend of Orpheus (Shark) – Drama Review


“Stop it, Yi Soo-ya” – Hae Woo. Sangeo (KBS, 2013)

Mmmm I don’t know where to start… What. Is. This. I. Cannot. Comprehend. I literally don’t know how to express my frustration towards Sangeo.

Shark (Sangeo/Don’t Look Back : The Legend of Orpheus) is a drama from KBS which aired few months ago. This is a “comeback” of Kim Nam Gil after 2 years and I gotta admit, he nailed it but the drama is completely a fail. I expected something fresh from him I mean c’mon he left us for 2 years bc he had to serve the country but his comeback is… this? It’s like watching Bad Guy for the second time. (ps, his last project before he enlisted was Bad Guy, revenge-theme-drama too). Although Bad Guy and Shark are two different dramas, plot also different but still!!

CINEMATOGRAPHY (8 out of 10)

despite too draggy plot, they did great at cinematography aspect. i lost count on how many times i mumbled to myself ‘the scene is beautiful






sorry for the bad quality of the 3 caps my laptop sucks lol


CAST + IMPRESSION + ACTING (8 out of 10)

Kim Nam Gil (Han Yi Soo/Kim Joon/ Joon Yoshimura)

ep 8

Hands down. He nailed every single scene he was in. when it comes to ‘cold’ face/expression or ‘criminal’ face he wins. He suits this kind of role but it just makes me mad why he chose this role errrr.  And he died again in this drama?!

Son Ye Jin (Hae Woo)


i’m not familiar with her, Shark is her second drama that i watch. the first is Personal Taste but it was aired loooooong ago so i can’t recall her acting, but in Shark she captured every emotion nicely and i love how she expressed her frustration over Yi Soo’s case and how she managed to portray a tough woman. she nailed it!

Ha Suk Jin (Oh Joon Young)


another emotionless, flat, cold face. lmao. tbh, i didnt really enjoy his acting….

Honey Lee (Secretary Jang)


KYAAAAAAAAAA SHE WAS MISS KOREAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Her acting is still awkward at times but still bearable.

Nam Bora (Han Yi Hyun)

i can’t recall what ep when she cried over his dad’s case, i cried too. her acting was realistic in this drama.

Lee Soo Hyuk (Section Chief Soo Hyun/Yi Soo’s chingu)

lee soo hyuk

I didnt expect him to be Yi Soo’s chingu! AT ALL! The plot twist near the end of the show was great too. I thought he would totally kill Yi Soo but thank God he didnt do it. Thank you scriptwriter-nim.

OST (6 out of 10)

nothing much to talk about the OST. i like Jong Dong Ha’s Sad Story out of all thv

PLOT/STORY LINE (4.5 out of 10)

Am i the only one who think the story line is too weak? Too boring + too weak + too draggy = w.t.h

when i bought the dvd i thought ah Kim Nam Gil, great! No idols too! Woaaaah double great!! Ep 1-2 were okay, 3-11 WTH WHY SO BORING. I cant recall how many times i left my room, went to the kitchen etc etc etc without pausing the dvd WHILE when watching JOJ, LBL i would paused the dvd if i needed to so something else. I also cant recall how many times i yawned throughout the drama.

Episode 11’s ending when Hae Woo said “Stop it, Yi Soo-ya” THE FIRST TIME I FINALLY PUT SOME INTEREST ON THE DRAMA. My jaw dropped. FINALLY!!! I had so much expectation on ep 12 but then they let me down again. Ep 12-18 were boring and draggy and i was really confused with the whole thing. Okay i admit, the only reason why i kept on watching are KNG and Rp28.000 i spent to buy the dvd x.x

Let me summarize this,

Yi Soo got hurt

Yi Soo wanted to revenge

Yi Soo succeded

Yi Soo died.

What really makes me mad is, i spent 20 hours watching this just for this kinda plot? 20 eps is too long. they could just make it 15 or 16 eps.

Overall Rating : 4 out of 10 (im sorry KNG T_T)

Will I Watch It Again? If you pay me $10.000 prob i will.


despite boring drama, the scriptwriter actually gave us some life lesson. here are my fav quotes from Shark.

Life is about choices. Everyday, humans live and make decisions. Their lives decided from the choice they make – Junichiro Yoshimura

If you don’t trust people, you’ll lose people. if you lose people, you’ll lose everything – Oh Joon Young

To those who help me, i repay them with grace. But to those who don’t, i repay them with exactly what i’ve received. That’s my motto. Only then the world will be balanced – Kim Joon

Repeated coincidences are no longer coincidences – Kim Joon (My fav quote bc it reminds me of JOJ kyaa

How to make money is important, but how to spend it is more important – Jo Sang Deuk

ANDDDDDDDD many more quotes.









and BTS


LOL Soo Hyuk’s ‘i don’t give a damn’ facial expression.

The caps supposed to be very beautiful but my laptop sucks so sorry the caps are all creepy. i did my best tho T_T


With Love,



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