When A Man Loves [Review]



“Even if you go and fail there, it’s much better than not going at all.” – Lee Jae Hee

 When A Man Loves didn’t do that well proved by their pretty low rating (10% is considered low) and I don’t get mad over this because they basically deserve that. Okay I admit, I watched WAML because of Song Seung Heon. I fell in love with their first few episodes because it was all fluffy and cute. But from mid towards the end, it all started to become dull and boring. Let’s review this, shall we?


Really didn’t meet my expectation. I must blame Shark for being so beautiful in cinematography aspect.

Song Sung Heon (Han Tae Sang)
Certainly he improved his acting if you compare this work to his last work but is it only me but are you guys also feeling that his acting was awkward in some scenes in WAML? But overall he did okay.

Shin Se Kyung (Seo Mi Do)
Shin Se Kyung’s acting didn’t get better in WAML. I remember it so well, it was a pain watching her next to Yoo Ah In in Fashion King. Not just in dramas, in her movies too! Same expression, same tone, tears are falling but her face doesn’t say so. 30% of me believes that she is the reason why the rating was low.

Kim Sung Oh (Lee Chang Hee)
I like him in Ahjussi (Man from Nowhere). In Ahjussi he was a gangster too but dorky in the same time, in WAML he’s a gangster and became a cold guy whose heart’s warm. He portrayed it nicely. Delivered every scene and emotions cleanly. Well done! He plays in Tough As Iron (Kangchul/Kangchulli) too alongside Yoo Ah In!!! Aaaah!!

PLOT (7.3 OUT OF 10)
The story was actually good but could have been better if the writer-nim explained more about Tae Sang and Chang Hee’s past and Tae Sang’s obsessions with Mi Do. I couldn’t understand Mi Do was afraid or disgusted or confused or was she in love with Tae Sang or Jae Hee. The writer didn’t tell us every detail plus with Shin Se Kyung’s limited acting skill BOMB!!! I didn’t understand the story at all. Too much problems nearing the end of the show and the writing got crappy too.

I found it ridiculous that Jae Hee’s real father was Roy Kim’s adopted father. Roy Kim’s Tae Sang’s biological brother. Mi Do’s brother’s friends worked at Tae Sang’s biological mother’s restaurant. Is this world that small? What’s the point of Tae Sang’s uncle’s existence? Chang Hee went to the jail twice? The last time, Young Gab said he’d go to police station and tell the truth/confess to what he witnessed that day when Han’s Mom’s lover died. So… why Chang Hee got sentence to jail?

20 eps felt too long. The story as a whole didn’t live much impression. It was pretty much boring and annoying ride to get to the end.

OST (7 OUT OF 10)
Great list of OST. My personal favorite is BEG JeA’s Secret Note.

Sung Hoon – Parting Look Shine
Baek Ah Yeon – Introduction to Love
JeA (BEG) – Secret Note
Jung Dong Ah – First Button
PIA – Don’t Go
BTOB ft Beast – Bye Bye Love

Overall rating : 6.8 out of 10

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