“Hyung, why you really hate me?” – The Heirs ep 14

Hay i’m back! i dont know why i’m doing this, I’m super lazy when it comes to screencap-ing dramas that i watch at the moment but i guess the Heirs is one of the exceptions? kkkk. I’m back with more caps from ep 14. Not from all scenes.

Tan is at hotel lobby where Won is staying, having deep thoughts. Won sees Tan, wanted to leave him first pretending not seeing him but end up sitting  next to Tan, STILL with his cold face.

14 (2)

14 (1)

Tan : “We’re really funny, what we’re doing here so far away from home?”
Won : “We left our home.”

Then Tan asks Won something heavy.

Tan : ” Hyung, why you really hate me?”
Won : “Why should i like a brother like you?”
Tan : “Then I’ll do better.”
Won : “Don’t do better, it makes me uncomfortable.”

I guess Won answers like that avoiding Tan’s real intention asking him that question.

14 (3)

14 (4)


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