You Look Poor – the Heirs ep 13

I DIDNT EXPECT THE HEIRS WOULD BE THIS EXCITING. I was hesitating /really hesitating/ watching this at first because of the cheap storyline then after watching 2 eps i thought i could finish this drama. I just hope i won’t drop this lol

i love the outfits throughout the show so far, rly display how chaebols dress themselves up. But what’s up with Park Shin Hye (Eun Sang)’s outfits? She supposed to be a poor girl right? But i see half of her outfits are pretty expensive.

Let’s talk about it later, now i’m going to show you how poor Kim Tan is! On ep 13 he got kicked out of his ‘palace’ with no money, handphone, coat, everything. He became beggar! LMAO. Even though he had no money, food, place to sleep, beg for those things to his friends (2 caps below) but he still looked like a chaebol! Okay, i upload 2 caps below just because that scene is too funny and i couldn’t help but capped it lmao

ep13 (2)

ep13 (3)

He still looked like chaebol though but then when he came to his hyung’s hotel room (Kim Won played by Choi Jin Hyuk) he literally looked like a beggar!

13_1 (1)

13_1 (3)

13_1 (2)
Tan went to his hyung’s hotel to sleep there because he got kicked out of his house. Won gave him devil glared /lmao/ and closed the door not letting Tan in. After few seconds Won decided to open the door and let Tan in.

ep13 (1)
I laughed so hard at the way he sits

ep13 (4)

ep13 (1)

ep13 (2)
Tan told his hyung about their father kicking him out of house, he got slapped, how pitiful his life was. /yes you were pitiful/

ep13 (3)

ep 13

13_1 (4)
then Won got a phone call from Secretary Yoon about share thingy. It related to Tan and Tan heard it, Won apparently got mad.

ep13 (8)

ep13 (4)
Tan : “Is it about me?”
Won : “You really don’t know about it or you pretend not know about it?”

13_1 (5)

ep13 (5)

ep13 (7)
Won got up, full of anger, and threw his card to Tan and said, “I cannot sleep with you, go to other room”

ep13 (9)

13_1 (7)

13_1 (6)
he threw his card to Tan. Poor Tan.

He went to the receptionist but somehow Young Do was there and made him fail getting a new room. Tan went back to Won’s room and got to sleep there that night. Annnnnd another poor scene.

ep13 (11)
Checking whether his hyung already has slept or not

ep13 (12)
and apparently he’s sleeping.

ep13 (13)
Tan : “I want to ask you many things. I also want to tell you many things. But you fall into deep sleep too fast.”

ep13 (14)

ep13 (15)

I don’t know how to wrap this post lmao. But yeah… goodbye for now and I’ll see you next time ā™„ā™„ā™„

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  1. DramazC
    Jan 11, 2014 @ 12:28:44

    Gotta agree! Kim Tan looks poor in this episode šŸ˜›


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