Good Doctor [Review]

Good Doctor [Review]

After days struggling to sit myself in front of my computer to write this review, FINALLY i managed to somehow force myself to sit and write this post. FINALLLLYYYYYY. I’m a lazy watch-er, even a lazier recap-er. All posts you see on this wordpress are my hardwork forcing myself to sit and write and post those, so please appreciate them. I finished watching Good Doctor in… mmmm… one month? I told you, I’m a lazy watch-er lol. It took like 10 days for me since i finished watching it to post this recap.


After mediocre rating of the previous dramas on the same time slot, KBS finally rose to #1 for mon tue 21:55 slot with Good Doctor! This drama is like grip of our lives, inspiring and heartwarming. Definitely not a depressing drama /most of medical dramas are depressing lol/. So, shall we start the recap? ^^

good doctor



There’s nothing to expect from a medical-surgeon-theme dramas, they’re not gonna show you the beauty of surgeon tools, the beauty of blood, the beauty of human organs lmao. Medical-themed drama has their own standard in cinematography. Aside from that, actually the drama had some pretty scenes.



I seriously thought In Hye would die bcf this scene





The casts are really well put together. Cameos are good too (some suck)

Joo Won (Park Shi On)

DAEBAK! His dialogue delivery, tone, postures, expressions are priceless!!! He pours everything in every scene he’s in and it’s moved me. This is the first time I watch his perf and right away I can tell, he deserves his title as one of the top 5 young actors nowadays alongside Song Joongki, Yoo Ah In, Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Jung Suk. (tbh Lee Jung Suk is great in every his work but idk why he’s on that list)

EP 1







Moon Chae Won (Cha Yoon Seo)

She did a great job! Knew her through The Princess’ Man (KBS, 2011) and after that I watched her other works and as always she exceeds my expectation! As expected!

EP 12

Joo Sang Wook (Prof Kim Do Han)


Throughout the drama I just kept on Q-ing whether that Joo Sang Wook guy I saw on RM was the same Joo Sang Wook guy on this drama! LMAO. He did great. His type of face is that type which can be called as ‘cold, flat’ face but he managed to make ‘that’ face looked friendly in some scenes that required it. Have heard his unique laugh? It’s HAHAHAHA HA HAHA. Watch RM lah.

Kim Min Seo (Yoo Chae Kyung)

EP 15 (3)

Oaaaa at first I was like, “her face is similar! OMG someone I know?” then finally I learned that she had role in 7GCS, the Moon, SKKS & Bad Guy too! Her acting in Good Doctor good enough for me, didn’t really move me maybe because of her role. But I read on asianwiki that she’s great but people on asianwiki say good even if it’s really bad, remember? LMAO! If you’re looking for opinion/review about certain drama, DO NOT GO TO ASIANWIKI. People on asianwiki comment on EVERY drama page, ‘this is the best drama is year’, ‘the leads did really amazing’ and blah blah blah. Asianwiki commenters(?) are way too kind. /I actually laugh really hard everytime i read praise comments on certain actors/actresses page on there/

I’m just too lazy to rewatch those dramas mentioned above just to recall my memories about her acting so let just leave it here.

Any so maaaaaany other casts! The child actors did great too! Choi Ro Woon (young Park Shi On) did really an excellent job! I even thought he was a kid with REAL autism!


Jo Hee Bong (Manager Go/Go Choong Man) was great too. After he finally accepted Shi ON he turned all dorky kkkk. He has role too in You Who Came From Stars as President Ahn.

PLOT (9 OUT OF 10)

What a bravery the scriptwriter-nim and PD-nim had! This kinda storyline is kinda heavy and if one messes up, the whole drama will be messed up too! But they delivered this drama amazingly smooth and beautifully.

Okay, the political (hospital’s takeover) parts were boring. I skipped almost all scenes. When Shi On started liking Yoon Seo and realizing that it was love, tbh it turned me off because… I don’t know, i just found it wasn’t interesting and broke the atmosphere that had been all good before that.

Ep 1-2 were really touching and moving to the point I don’t even want to rewatch ep 1 ever again because my eyes got hurt crying 100 mins+.

I think Good Doctor holds a special place in everyone’s heart because it mixes humor, life moral, romance, sadness, laughter and all really well. Despite some unnecessary  scenes.

ep 18 (1)

Over all, the story is well written and well told, not the best but surely way better than any other dramas!

But i, to be honest, kind of disappointed with the ending. I actually wanted Shi On become a normal guy or something bad happen to him or Yeon Soo dump him or something like that. I’m an angst lover so please bear with me lmao.

OST (8 OUT OF 10)

Nothing to comment on. Really, just a great list of OST. Joo Won lent his voice too by singing Love Medicine ❤

Overall Rating : 9 out of 10

Will I Watch it Again? Of course I will if I have time!



Choi Ro Woon for Shampoo CF

This is also a touching scene /for me/

This hug beats all scenes!!

LMAO!!!! I screencap-ed this scene like hundreds times. Going to post all the caps later when i’m not lazy lol

EP 15 HUG!!
15 (1)

15 (2)

15 (3)

15 (4)

With passion,


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