Some touching and favorite scenes from Two Weeks

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“People don’t kill using their knife. They kill using their tongues.” – Congresswoman Jo

I finished watching Two Weeks days ago and i think people who read my blog and twitter already know that I’m an extremely lazy person when it comes to write a review of a drama i just watched. So, yes this means review of Two Weeks will be delayed until… err… i don’t know LOL. Until I’m no longer lazy or probably i won’t post the review at all /slaps/. Just in case i can’t (read: lazy) write and post Two Weeks review, I’m posting this post as evidence that I HAVE watched Two Weeks, one of the finest dramas i have ever watched.

In this drama i have soooooooo many favorite scenes, from Tae San’s helping an ahjumma delivering her baby until that scene where Tae Sang plays soccer together with Soo Jin and In Hye. To summarize, i loved every singe bit /well not really all/ of this drama. Because i have many fav scenes, it’s almost impossible for me to cap all those scenes and post them on here since we all know I am super lazy doing that LOL. Shall we start? ^^

My first fav scene is from episode 5, where Tae San is at bus stop(??) trying to open the handcuffs.

ep 5 (4)

ep 5 (15)

ep 5 (25)
And finally he manages to open the handcuffs after so much struggle /he sweats a lot!/

ep 5 (6)
then Soo Jin appears suddenly out of nowhere.
PS: for those who haven’t watched this and doesn’t understand why i say she appears out of nowhere, Soo Jin who looks healthy and shows in front of Tae San is ‘imaginary’ Soo Jin, not the real Soo Jin.

ep 5 (7)
(i just need to post this cap OuO)

Their convo is something like this: Man Seok had the digital camera but Moon Il Seok killed Man Seok and took it and now Tae San can’t prove that he is innocent.

Then Soo Jin said, “Then what are we going to do about my surgery?”. Tae Sang then gets shock(?) and sit(?)

ep 5 (8)

ep 5 (12)

ep 5 (9)

ep 5 (10)

ep 5 (11)
“I have to be there for your surgery. I’ll definitely be there.” He promises.

ep 5 (14)

ep 5 (16)

ep 5 (13)

ep 5 (17)

ep 5 (18)

ep 5 (19)

“Seriously, I… Why do I keep on living just being wronged? By Moon Il Seok”
“It’s because they think you’re a fool.”
“It’s it? Isn’t it, right? That i look like an idiot, right?”
“That’s right, that’s right. You just realized it by now?”
/Tae San shakes his head/ “No. I knew it from the beginning. I knew it. But that time, it didn’t matter at all(referring to In Hye)”

ep 5 (20)

ep 5 (21)
Soo Jin : You can’t clear your name, you can’t turn yourself in. There’s nothing you can do.
Tae San : No. Whatever I do… /Tae San grabs the handcuffs and walks away, making distance between them/

ep 5 (1)

ep 5 (22)
“Whatever I do… I’ll stay alive definitely… That, I must do.”

ep 5 (23)

ep 5 (24)
“THAT I MUST DO!” Tae San throws the handcuffs while shouting

You can see and feel Tae San’s pain in this scene. How frustrated he is because of Moon Il Seok and how tough he is as a father, in order to keep himself clean and alive for the sake of Soo Jin’s surgery. I feel you, man.

My second fav scene. This is the scene where Soo Jin shows her love towards his appa. A touching scene for me.

ep 6 (6)

ep 6 (2)

ep 6 (5)

ep 6 (4)

ep 6 (1)

In Hye tore the photo before, Soo Jin saw it then gathered the pieces and glued it and now the photo is Soo Jin’s. During this scene Soo Jin says something like, “Appa, do you know how i could recognize you the day before?(that’s on ep 1)”. Soo Jin also says that if she knew that Tae San was still alive she wouldn’t let Ahjussi (Detective Im) love his mom.

Scene number 3 is from episode 8.

ep 8 (4)

ep 8 (3)
Soo Jin appears out of nowhere again and wakes Tae San up by saying appa. That appa moved me.

ep 8 (5)

ep 8 (6)
“Until when will you sleep?”

ep 8 (7)

ep 8 (8)

his eyes meet Soo Jin’s so he smile
ep 8 (9)

ep 8 (10)

ep 8 (11)

ep 8 (13)
“I think uncle Moon Seok’s girlfriend has the camera.””That’s right, Young Ja.”
“Yes, Young Ja. So, Young Ja has the camera?”

ep 8 (15)

ep 8 (16)
/Tae San nods/ “I think so.”

ep 8 (18)
“You think you can go to Seoul with injury like that?”

ep 8 (19)

ep 8 (20)
/checks his injury/

ep 8 (21)

ep 8 (22)

ep 8 (23)
“No water here, it must be bitter.”

ep 8 (24)
“Nope, this is really not bitter.” Tae San ensure Soo Jin. But the moment the pills meet his tongue buds, IT’S BITTERRR

ep 8 (25)
Soo Jin really is impolite daughter, her dad suffers the bitterness and she just smiles /slaps/. Lol sorry Soo Jin-ah, you are a lovely daughter.

ep 8 (26)
So Tae San packs his bag and leave(?)

ep 8 (1)

4th fav scene! Tae San does death ceremony(?) for Man Seok.

ep 9 (2)

ep 9 (3)
“After my mom dead, even before In Hye, you were the first person who treated me like family. I was really bad, i couldn’t say ‘thank you’ to you even for once.”

ep 9 (4)
“Then do it now.” Yes, Soo Jin appears out of nowhere for the Nth times.

ep 9 (5)
“Do it now, for uncle Man Seok. “I was really grateful, i really thank you”.”
With tears falling, Tae San said, “Man Seok-ah.. Thank you, I loved you.”
“It’s not loved, it’s love. Does love end when a person die?”So Tae San did it all over again. “I love you… and… I’m sorry.”

ep 9 (6)

ep 9 (8)
They both bow and i think this is really touching. I found myself shedding tears during this scene lol

ep 9 (9)

ep 9 (10)

This scene wraps with both of them walking out from Man Seok’s house and smiling.

ep 9 (15)

ep 9 (1)

ep 9 (12)

ep 9 (13)

I still have many more caps but i’m lazy now so let’s just wrap this post here. Will come back with part 2 soon /in i remember lol/

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