Yoona is a Goddess! Period!

Finished watching Prime Minister and I yesterday. As always, i’m too lazy to write and post a review lol. This post is just an evidence that i actually HAVE WATCHED PM&I (just like this Two Weeks evidence post lol)

Jeshica, sorry but in Prime Minister and I, Yoona looks totally like a goddess. Oh btw,  one of Yoona’s nicknames from SONEs is goddess (although soshi members are all goddesses lol but Yoona is different).

ep 3 (2)

ep 7 (2)

ep 6 (6)

ep 6 (3)

ep 6 (2)

ep 5 (1)
even at random cap she still looks incredibly beautiful!!

ep 5 (6)

ep 6 (1)

ep 7
my future daughter should be as beautiful as Goddess Yoona!

ep 10 (1)

ep 10 (2)

ep 10 (3)

ep 11

ep 16 (2)

Imagine one day Yoona and Seunggi get married oaaa their children would be really beautiful/handsome and cute in the same time ♥♥♥

PS, JESHICA, you’re still #1 in my heart T_T

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