20’s (review)

20’s (review)


ps, im not going to review this like my other drama reviews, im going to review this in a special way 😛

A week ago i was going to watch Inspiring Generation on viki. Because i hadn’t watched its 1st ep so i wanted to watch their first ep on viki. But their subtitle sucked! It all messed up. The subtitle appeared like 30 secs after the actual convos. I decided to watch other shows, so i watched Mimi (Changmin’s new mini drama, going to review this soon after the drama ends). I was still in hunger of watching shows, so this drama appeared out of no where and guess what, it was 20’s!

At first i was really hesitating watching it because the lead male is Ki Kwang (Beast). I have a room in my heart where i accumulate my hatred towards idols who act because majority they suck, really suck until you (I) just want to yell in front of them, “YOU SUCK DON’T EVER ACT AGAIN YOU’RE RUINING THE DRAMA!!” I’ve never seen his acting(is this his first work?) so i thought, “Okay let’s give it a shot, i gave changmin two chances why i cant give Ki Kwang one chance? Okay let’s watch it. It’s only 2 hours in total btw.” So, i gave it a shot.

First impression, “errrrr what?” I was confused. With the whole thing. The first 10 mins i was still confused but gotta admit their first ep is pretty demanding. It magically made me watch their next ep. So i watched the second until their final ep, forth ep.

Let’s review this ;D

The lead female -Lee Da In-, eum… I dont think she fit the role?? Looks older than 20 although Ki Kwang too lol. Ki Kwang was okay, because it’s not far fom his real life so i think he nailed it. Hye Rim was hilarious! Didnt really connect with her acting though but she did great. I laughed so hard at the last scenes, Ga Yoing screamed “oppa” seeing xxx i dont know his name lol. Out of Beast members i only knew Yoseob. Now after watching this i know who Ki Kwang is lol. So in conclution i only know Yoseob and Ki Kwang lol.

Def fast-paced since it’s only 4 eps, although only 4 eps but they mix everything beautifully. The camera angle, sad moments, hilarious and happy moments – how finally Hye Rim and Ki Kwang became couple, the darkest days of their relationship, Hye Rin-Ga Young friendship, it’s all there.

If you have 2 hours or more and dont know what to do, go to viki and watch 20’s.

Overall Rating : 7.3 out of 10


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