Time Slip, Dr. Jin [review]

Time Slip, Dr. Jin Review


“No matter where we are, people’s anger, happiness and pleasure are all the same” – Dr. Jin

Yes this is a drama that’s from 2012, i know. Due to my craziness over kpop and college thingy, i left kdramaland in 2012 and came back around early/mid 2013. I only watched few dramas in 2012 and it was only 4 or 5 dramas and i can’t even remember what they are lol. So…. i started to watch 2012 dramas since late last year and i’m far from finishing them. One of 2012 dramas that i’ve done watching is Time Slip Dr. Jin. Why i chose Dr. Jin? Because it’s set in Joseon period! King Cheoljong and King Gojong period! I’m a period drama holic especially if it’s NOT set during the early days of Joseon and Goryo, so i just feel the urge to watch every period drama lol.

Before we start let me just laugh. Why??? I saw on wikipedia that Dr. Jin last ep viewer rating dropped 5%! From 15% (ep 21) to just 9,9%(ep 22, final episode)! WHAAAT??! I got curios so i googled dramas that were airing in the same timeslot like Dr. Jin then i found  out that their rating dropped on their last ep due to Gentleman’s Dignity last ep! They aired their last ep on the same day(Saturday, 12th August 2012), same time slot too(21:50)! So i guess people chose Gentleman’s Dignity over Dr. Jin. Awww poor them /slaps/

Let’s finish this long post! But before we finish it, we must start it first, right? Kkkk

CAST + ACTING + IMPRESSION (9 out of 10)


What a great lineup of cast! I just can’t critize them (except for JaeJoong). Familiar faces (means they’ve starred in many movies and dramas so i recognize them). Song Seung Hun, Park Min Young, Lee Bum Soo, Jin Yi Han, Kim Hye Ok etc etc etc etc HANDS DOWN!!! It’d be even better if it wasnt JaeJoong (pls dont bash me, you’re scary guys) but that’s true his acting got better as the eps went on. His last scene was really great and that scene where his ‘dad’ died, it broke myself seeing him cry.


Park Min Young’s tone was awkward. Idkw, it just sounded so awkward to me. To be fucking honest, i don’t really understand her acting x.x Her acting gives you (me) the same atmosphere. In. Every. Drama. She’s. In.

Do you remember Lee So Yeon (Choon Hong)?  The gisaeng, that beautiful gisaeng!! She played the character Jang Hui Bin in Dong Yi. I know why she got that role! She’s great in acting and she’s beautiful!! C’mon, only beautiful actresses can portray Jang Hui Bin! She, Kim Tae Hee, Kim Hye Soo.

Jin Yi Han (Young Hwi, Young Rae’s oraboni), do you believe that he’s 30 already?!!!


He looks like he’s only in early 20 in Dr. Jin T_T His tone was stable, controlled , soft yet so low and imitating. GDI!

Kim Hye Ok (Young Rae’s mother). I hated her to my core on Two Weeks then i watched her being so kind and it just felt awkward BECAUSE SHE IS A DEVIL OMG!!! I watched Dr. Jin after i finished Two Weeks, she played in both dramas and her character just different 180o in both dramas so i got shocked the first time i saw her in Dr. Jin. I was ready to hate her again but her role was kind, weak-mother, Man, i hate it. I hate it because i couldn’t hate her.



CINEMATOGRAPHY (6.8 out of 10)
Lately, i just dont know how to give explanation for this cinematography section(?). Because i simply just dont know how.

PLOT/STORYLINE (7.5 out of 10)
Have watched Japanese version of Dr. Jin? Well, Dr. Jin is originally from Japan. Time Slip, Dr. Jin is based on japanese manga series called Jin, and Korean version of Dr. Jin is the 3rd tv adaption of the manga. 1st and 2nd adaption aried in Japan in 2009 and 2011. I havent watched  the japanese versions but surely will because Japanese tv shows are my 2nd fav after korean tv shows 😉

Can’t talk much about the storyline because it’s based on a manga, let’s talk about Time Slip, Dr. Jin as a whole. It’s nice to watch, not draggy, exciting, beautiful and handsome casts *___*, satisfying. The last ep was totally a rollercoaster ride for me. I thought Mina was dead for sure but she came back to life yay! And Mina and Jin traveled back into the past together, it’s just brilliant. Jin experience it with his own body, with full consciousness while Mina experienced it but she thought it was only a weird dream. Then, it must be a freaking long dream, eh.



OST (9 out of 10)
Kim Jaejoong – Living Like a Dream
Zia – Will You Come
Changmin, Seulong 2AM – Road of Tears
Song Sung Hun – Last Love
Ock Joo Hyun – Now and Forever
Lee Beom Soo – Saddle the Wind

Just, hands down! I downloaded all the tracks including the instrumental tracks and i love every one of it. My fav, of course Zia’s Will You Come. I know i’m a little bias lol since i admire her as a singer so i just love every single her work. Her new songs, have you heard it? DAEBAK! Have You Ever Cried? (i’m not asking, that’s that her new song lol)


Overall Rating : 8.3 out of 10
Will I Watch it Again? If i have time, of course!

Ps, all pics are not mine. For this drama i bought the dvd not downloaded from the internet so i can’t do caps which means i just googled for those photos above.


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  1. Anonymous
    May 20, 2019 @ 03:42:55

    Although this drama may be legal, I feel it is not morally right. Being based on a Japanese manga is one thing, but copying the Japanese version of the drama is another. In fact, the plot is exactly the same just that this korean version is based off korean history and the Japanese one is based off Japanese history. How do I know that the Japanese version was copied first? Two reasons, one being that they are very similar, second being that the Japanese version was released in 2009 while the Korean version was released in 2012. I recommend everyone watch the Japanese version of the drama as well, ironically called Jin.


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