Nine : Nine Times Time Travel [review]

Nine : Nine Times Time Travel [review]


 “Some secrets are kept as secrets for a reason.” – Park Sun Woo

What a breathtaking drama! I. love. It. I didn’t intend watching this to be honest  because Nine is a drama from tvN which is a cable channel and I only watch dramas from Korean 3 major channels, KBS, MBC and SBS. So yea, Nine is the third drama I watch from a cable tv (first is I Need Romance 1, Kim Jung Hoon and Choi Jin Hyuk were the casts, second is Panda and Hedgehog, Donghae was the lead male. Those 3 guys i mention are my favs so i watched it without thinking lol). Even though technically Nine is the third drama but it’s the FIRST cable drama that I picked up, watched, consciously without being biased(I was biased towards Panda Hedgehog and INR lol).

I didn’t appreciate cable dramas because I always thought they’re done poorly with limited budget, no matter how many times I read praises from drama critics. I heard it millions millions millions times before watching Nine that cable drama could be even much better than dramas from major channels because they (Cable dramas + their PD-nims) aren’t slave for viewer ratings so they’d stick to their original script and plan unlike major channels dramas, they change the script throughout filming. If got low rating, they’d change the script or cut down the number of eps. If got high rating, they’d extand the eps.

The reasons I picked up Nine were it’s time-traveling drama and got so many praises and thumbs up this drama got from its watchers. After watching it, I just regret that I always looked down on cable dramas. Nine is really beautiful and perfect in any possible way. Thank you Nine for opening up my eyes and I’ll watch more dramas from cable channel from now on, I promise! By the way, I’m watching Emergency Couple right now J

CAST + ACTING + IMPRESSION (9.5 out of 10)
When I started this blog, I pledged myself to be honest and objective with all my reviews and ratings so I’ll be honest here. I didn’t know who Lee Jin Wook was, who Jo Yoon Hee was. I completely picked this drama up and watched this solely because of its storyline and great reviews I had read about Nine. Solely. Seriously.

I only knew Eom Hyo Seop, Jeong Dong Hwan and… that’s it. I only knew them when I started watching this because they have starred in so many dramas and movies so I’m familiar with them. Also, Park Hyung Sik(thank God I watched the Heirs before watching Nine).

Great great great acting. Lee Jin Wook nailed it. He could stir my emotion in just split of sec.


Jo Yoon Hee, mmmm well…. I didn’t really enjoy her acting in first few eps but she got better towards the end (bash me. I don’t mind.)


CINEMATOGRAPHY (9.3 out of 10)
WHAT A GREAT DRAMA. With great casts, great story plus great cinematography. First few eps they gave us breathtaking scenery of Nepal then followed by beautiful camera angle until the end of the drama. Watching this feels like watching a movie. Seriously. Every scene is like the PD-nims’ masterpiece, they put their time and effort into every scene so we got the extra feeling watching every episode, not just the story drifts us away but the camera angle and technics too.  I like how cameramen always captured the right moment and emotion of their casts. It’s just beautiful. Enough said.

PLOT/STORYLINE (9 out of 10)
 It started a bit boring but if you watch every episode and not skipping any scene then you’ll feel what I’m feeling right now. Every scene, every line they’re all linked. So if you skip even only one scene you’ll get confused.

I think it’s really brilliant how the scriptwriter could come out with this type of story. This isn’t light at all but the writer could make it as light as possible so we, watchers, didn’t get TOO MUCH confusion with the whole thing that was going on.

I like the idea of incense sticks, how Park Sun Woo really traveled 20 years to the past with that incense sticks. And the changes Sun Woo made everytime he changed the past.

Nine gives us moral message, no matter how badly humans want to change their fate or what has been done, no matter how humans think and do like they run the world, no matter how much money they have, no matter how respected and power they have, there is something that’s even much more powerful than us all, that’s God. The write sums it up neatly on Sun Woo’s line:

 “April 24, 2013. Fifth message. I think I know why I can’t go back. The incense stick was me. I said that the incense stick was mocking my fate. But it was I who was the incense stick. The moment I lit up the incense stick, I became the Fruit of Knowledge for others’ lives. It was an opportunity and a curse at the same time. It could be a salvation or destruction. It was me. I used all the incense sticks. My role is over. I won’t ever be able to go back. I finally realized that now. Knowing that, it’s not even that depressing that I’m dying. I won’t even feel guilty for playing God. It was never in my power but His. So I’m even thankful. For the people who have kept their roles in my life. For those who chose that fate. For being a true friend to me every time for every life. To you, I’m thankful. And…and Min-young.” –Park Sun-woo

Watching the last ep is like takeing a ride of a rollercoaster. My heart beat like crazy, really fast and i couldnt close my mouth. My mom watched me instead of watching the drama as kept saying, “Close your mouth.” LMAO



The finale? I hate the finale but to be honest i like this kinda finale because it lets us to think and imagine by ourselves how the ending would be. I like this ending better rather than a happy ending finale (Sun Woo somehow came back to the future). It’s a unsolved mystery. So, by the end of the day would Sun Woo die in 2013 or in 1993, see it’s really a mystery.

OST (8.6 out of 10)
Like every one of them. ‘nuff said.


Overall rating :  9.1 out of 10
Will I Watch it Again? DEFINITELY!

“So many people have regrets in their hearts.” – Park Sun Woo


i downloaded waaaaaaaaaaaay too many stills and i dont want them to go to waste so lemme upload them all.











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