Prime Minister and I [review]

Prime Minister and I [review]


“One day, if our fates meet again, if we can have a true beginning, I will hold your hand then. So you have to be well until then. Even though it was a short time, I was happy that I could be with you. – Nam Da Jung

To be damn honest, i was a lil sceptic watching this at first bcf the HUGE age gap (23 years if i’m not mistaken). “The genre is rom-com, tell me how Yoona is supposed to do with this rom-com drama with a man who’s around his father age! Lee Beom Soo has a wife and a kid! My poor Goddess what should i do T___T.”  That was my rant when the news first broke out until first few eps aired in Korea lol.

I finally convinced myself to download ep 1 just to see Yoona then planned to forget entirely about this drama’s existence forever LMAO. Then i watched ep 1 and i couldn’t bring myself to drop this drama. It’s just captivating in some ways but ofc not the pairing between the main roles, of course, of course!

CAST + ACTING + IMPRESSION (6.5 out of 10)
Lee Beom Soo

ep 12

I like  how he can always nail his work. As expected, the great actor Lee Beom Soo! Even though his chemistry with Yoona was OFF (i dont even care about it too) but he, individually, shone throughout this drama

My poor goddess what was SM thinking shoving her to this drama T_T. But this proves Yoona is a professional?? She improved her acting, it was nice watching her, she looked extremely beautiful it felt like she was filming for pictorial not filming a drama T_T

Her acting with the kids (especially with Man Se) always made me think that she was actually a mother and already had children by her own (with *cough cough* lee seung *cough* gi *cough*). Her acting was clean, I like how she played with her tone, no awkward gesture as I can remember.

Yoon Si Yoon
Mmmmm tell me once again why he’s in this drama?

CINEMATOGRAPHY (8 out of 10)
Despite low viewer ratings (the famous SM curse), we still got beautiful scenes and camera angles and I want to thank PD-nims for that.

ep 3

ep 1
beautiful camera angle

PLOT/STORYLINE (7 out of 10)
A prime minister and a reporter, what comes to your mind?

Kind of standart story but I like that it’s a PM not a chaebol. I’m sick of chaebol storiest errr. Conflicts are acceptable, far from nonsense lol. I cried a lot in last 2 eps, when Da Jeong’s dad passed away in front of her, it was really heartbreaking.

ep 17 (4)

ep 17 (3)

They went out so see the snow falling, talked about many thing then suddenly her dad said about marriage, he said after Da Jeong found the right man for her, he would hold Da Jeong’s hand and walked down aisle. He wanted snow to fall on that (wedding) day. Da Jeong asked, “Appa you don’t remember? The day I got married, the first snow fell. It was pouring just like today. The whole world was white and pretty.”

ep 17 (2)

ep 17 (5)

ep 17 (7)

ep 17 (8)

Suddenly her dad remembered (my interpretation) that day and sadly the moment he remembered he lost his consciousness. He passed away.

ep 17 (9)

ep 17 (10)

ep 17 (11)

ep 17 (12)

ep 17 (13)

When PM’s supposed-to-be-late wife back it made me super mad. Kang’s love towards Da Jeong was weak.

PM&I gives us a good amount of comedy, romance and of couse TEARS! Plus it’s a happy ending for everyone and thank you.

The ending sucks. It’s a happy ending but sucks!!

ep 17 (3)

ep 17 (2)

ep 17 (1)

I somehow want a sad ending. I want them to cry. I WANT THEM TO CRY REALLY LOUD T____________T okay noone agrees with me.

OST (7 out of 10)

I like the OST including the instrumental tracks. It gives you lovely feeling and some gives you sad feeling.

I didn’t know that Taemin sang one song for this drama, that’s called Step. It’s just not his voice lol. My fav is Yoon Gun’s I Love You to Death. It’s just really lovely and moving song.

For instrumental songs I like She’s Kitty. Reminds me of Starbucks lol Starbucks usually plays this kinda instrumental. Oh, STARBUCKS CAN USE THIS TRACK!!

A Serious Face is…. a serious instrumental lol. It gives me terrifying feel. Morning is a perfect instrumental start off your day! Sometimes i also play Morning before i go to sleep. It relaxes me.

ep 16 (9)

 Overall rating : 7.4 out of 10. It’s a nice drama to watch. If you really don’t have any dramas on your  watching-list, literally no drama, then you can give PM&I a try. But if you have other dramas to watch, put PM&I near the end of your list.

Will I watch it again? Of course if I have time


ep 2 (2)

ep 2 (1)
this is how a goddess sleeps. hopefully Seunggi won’t mind.


With passion,


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  1. Мария Герасимова
    Jun 30, 2016 @ 01:51:41

    Hi! Watched this dorama. Why are you not mentioned about lovestory the characters of Chae Jung Ahn and Ryu Jin – I like it very much! IMHO: Maybe because lovestory between main characters not so intresting.


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