Mimi [review]

Mimi [review]


“There are some things that the world gets for free. Actually the free things are the most expensive things. ” – Mimi (ep 2)

The reason why I watched Mimi was… Changmin.  Got curios whether Changim’s acting got better or not so I watched Mimi and, um, well…. Changmin…. Well….. He’s from SM right? And Mimi is drama produced by SM right? Mmmmm okay….

CAST + ACTING + IMPRESSION (5 out of 10)
I think he did just fine. Still, plain facial expression, no tone, no convincing expression, but he did improve from his last work. But he was just fine. Not FINE but fine.

Moon Ka Young
.i. don’t. understand. her. That’s it.

CINEMATOGRAPHY (5 out of 10)
It’s SM’s drama right? So what do you expect lmao. SM is famous for making something which is really poor and low budget.

PLOT/STORYLINE (x out of 10)

“28-year-old Min-Woo (Shim Chang-Min) is a webcomic writer. One day, he finds a memo on his desk calendar. With the memo, he begins to write a new webcomic “December 8”. The comic turns into an instant hit. As the webcomic becomes even more popular, Min-Woo feels pressure from work. He begins to suffer from severe headaches because of the pressure. Min-Woo decides to seek out his first love from high school.Quoted from asianwiki

Adaption of a movie titled “M” so I can’t comment on this one since it’s an adaption. But it’s really confusing that they keep going back and forth, the past then the present time all over again. And it’s just really annoying. Nine also did the same thing but it was nice in Nine since it’s not repeated like a thousand times.

So many unnecessary scenes. It felt like the PD-nim didn’t know how to fill that 60 mins they have for every episode so they threw random, unnecessary, unimportant, repeated scenes in every single episode. And it was a MAJOR turn-off.

It was boring. Ep 1 I got all excited, ep 2 was okay, ep 3 was really confusing, ep 4 was.. FINALLY THIS ENDED!!!! I couldn’t help but skipped the first 20 mins in ep 4 because it was basically we are forced to watch ep 2 and 3 for the Nth time! So if you let me to sum up the whole drama it’d one word, that word is…. “miserable.” I could follow the story until ep 2, then on ep 3 it’s all messed up  I got super confused. One hour felt like 3 hours.

OST (7 out of 10)
They have SM the Ballad’s songs as their ost. So… SM told Changmin to work on this drama and form SM the Ballad vol.2 to support the drama? Lmao. That’s what I’m thinking. And also SM released another new song sung by their rookie.


Overall rating : 5 out of 10
Will I Watch it Again? Nope. Thank you


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