I Miss You [review]

I Miss You [review]


“As expected, human’s greed is endless.” – Harry Barrison

 Finished watching this since 2 weeks ago but because I was really busy I couldn’t write a review about this. I know that this is a 2013 drama, there’s already a ton of reviews of this drama on internet, I didn’t want to write this review too but oh well I need to let go of my opinion so I can sleep tight at night lol.

I Miss You wasn’t the best melodrama out there but it wasn’t bad either. So, shall we start this review? ^^

CAST + ACTING + IMPRESSION (8 out of 10)


YooChun (Jung Woo)


His dark, dramatic, pity role failed to impress me. I didn’t cry at all when he cry. Brain refused to produce tears. He did great though, in crying, especially there was at least one crying scene for every episode.

Yoon Eun Hye (Su Yeon/Zoey Lou)


I know and understand that actors should have range and play different types of characters to keep their acting “alive” but YEH for a melodrama? I think no. she’s golden when it comes to romcom, melodrama isn’t her. I also lost count on how many times I yelled to my phone screen, “CLOSE YOUR MOUTH GDI YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH IN EVERY SECOND OF YOUR SCENE!” lol

 Yo Seung Ho (Harry Borrison/Kang Hyung Jun)


His acting stood out, he was the main reason why I kept watching. He did very great in portraying Kang Hyung Jun whose heart was darker than the night sky but softer than cotton candy. I couldn’t hate him, I pity him. I ended uo hating Jung Woo instead lol. I felt his pain, I felt his hatred, I felt his love, his gaze told you everything. Really well done!

The trio were flaaaaaaaat in this drama. I blame their decision on taking their role -Yoochun, YEH bc they’re expert in romcom, melo isn’t their thing- it affected the whole drama.

The young actors
Hands down! All did very great. Because of them three I decided to give this drama a shot. I to be fucking honest prefer watching them 3 than the adult version of their characters (exlude YSH ehehhehehe)

CINEMATOGRAPHY (6 out of 10)


one of the most beautiful kissing scene in kdramalaaaaaaaaaaaaanddddddddddddddd

The first 5 eps are totally the best out of its entire run. Best in character development, flow, and cinematography. It just frustrated me that they went down  over the hill from mid to end.


PLOT/STORYLINE (8 out of 10)
it started off to such a strong start to the point i call it “too dramatic” for the young actors to portray such hardship. So i held my hopes up, was so sure the drama would be hella, rock-and-roll ride but then… leeeeh. The later episodes weren’t as strong as their early episodes. Mid-end was a bit draggy for my liking. It didnt really make me keep watching the drama for its story (i kept on watching only to see YSH just sayin). I lost my hopes, my interests and expectation, it got boring. Of course with such a powerful start i had so many and high expectation but they slapped me and said, “DO NOT EXPECT US ANYTHING!” lol.

ep 6 (3)

ep 6 (4)
i like how Zoe places her hands on Harry’s shoulder. That’s a really powerful gesture! (Going to try this in front of my boyfriend’s friends lol)

I was rooting for Harry because Jung Woo failed to impress me (I’m talking about the roles not the actors).

On ep 7, we got a lovely. sweet, kya kya scene of Harry and Zoe. aaaah flutterrrr

ep 7 (1)
they were talking about the party Harry would hold. cute cute cute

ep 7 (2)

ep 7 (3)

ep 7 (4)
i was praying really hard that in the end they’d be together again and Jung Woo somehow lost his love for Zoe or just dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I like the idea of clothes pin. Lmao the first time young Jung Woo gave it to young Su Yeon (ep 2) i couldnt help but laughed really hard for more that one minute! Just hilarious!




I read almost all I Miss You reviews i could find on the internet. Majority praised how great IMY was, they cried hard etc but why i found this drama boring? I cried probably only once or twice and it was during Harry scenes. Man, YSH can cry! Other crying scenes were flat for me. Sawwwwrrryyyy for being meanie to your oppar and unnir. I’m just saying what i feel.

The ending! I like and hate it in the same time. Like because the writer drew out an alternative ending of the story. They young them friends since they’re young, ofc their future would change too. Hate because Harry mentally ill. That guy deserved happiness for suffering the last 14 years in his life! Also, So Yeon left Harry for real?! FOR REAL?! Harry saved you! Harry gave you his everything! And you turned your back?! Like seriously! I can rant about this for days so let’s just end it here. Im getting angry here /im not lying/.

ep 21

They made Harry became just like his mother, don’t forget that he also had to spend his life in the prison. I couldn’t hate the character even though he’s the antagonist here, i pity him. With eveything the writer did to Harry i think it’s really brilliant because I could feel that the writer wanted to go all bad for Harry but they also didn’t want the audience to hate Harry. If that’s what they wanted, i should applaud them because the succeeded in that part. C’mon, the majority of us also can’t hate Harry right? We sympathized, we pity him.


Plus, i also prefer ugly-faced or criminal-faced person for antagonist spot because when they’re good looking it’s so damn hard to hate them T_T


OST (7 out of 10)
What a great list of OST! My fav is definitely Wax’s Tears are Falling. I found myself kept plying that song few times a day for like a week after i finished I Miss You drama


Overall rating :  7.25 out of 10
Will I Watch it Again? Nope. Thanks. Even though YSH is in it, nope. too frustrating




i seriously think ep 5 is the sweetest episode ever. we got to see YSH pretty alot yuhuuuu
cep 5 (1)

watching his girlfriend checking out her models ><
cep 5 (2)

ep 5 (3)


ep 5


the sweet candy episode 6!
ep 6

ep 6 (2)

ep 7
you are not allowed to smile T_T

ep 10


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