Dropped Dramas as of 140401

So, recently i learned how to drop a drama! HAHAHAHHA This whole time i always watch every drama that i pick but recently with everything that’s going on with my life and my limited time i apparently drop dramas. So below are dramas that i dropped recently and why i dropped them.

Inspiring Generation (KBS, 2014) – Dropped on ep 1
Hella boring.  I had such a high expectation for this drama because of their storyline, and also their genre is one of my fav genres of movies/dramas. So i watched their first ep. First few mins were ROUGH. I mean, geez how to say it, it was just too heavy for an opening for a drama which rated 15. I mean, that hella fight was hella inappropriate for young kids to watch (im talking about KJH fans who’s mostly still in high/middle school). I tried to watch their second and fifth ep hoping that the drama would capture my heart but nope, despite familiar faces on this drama, the setting that i love, no no i had to say goodby to this drama. Heard that also Lee Goon Ji was the original lead (KJH’s role) but he apparently turned down the offer bcf his asia tour.


Beyond the Clouds/Full Sun (KBS, 2014) – Dropped on ep 6
I DIDN’T WANT TO DROP THIS T_T to be honest, i wanted to drop this from ep 2 but i couldnt pull my heart together so i forced myself to keep watching but ep 6 bored me to death T_T  Yoon Kye Sang, hands down. I watched this because of him but im sorry Full Sun is just not shining brightly in my heart



Cunning Single Lady/Sly and Single Again (MBC, 2014) – Dropped on ep 5
Great great great line-up of casts. Joo Sang Wook + Lee Min Jung = ahhh my heart can’t take it. Didn’t hhave much expectation on this because of the genre despite the great lineup but i didn’t expect the drama would be this BORING!! errrr That girl, that girl with long hair, geez what’s up with her. Even though i love the leads but, again, sorry, i’m just going to wait for your next projects.


I’m sure i also dropped a drama too but i couldnt remember it lol. What about you? What is your thought(s) on these dramas? Do you drop it too or you’re still watching? Let me know! 🙂


With all respects and love that i have for all actors mentioned above,

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