3 Days [review]

3 Days [review]


“Even if they cheat, I shouldn’t. Even if my enemy uses guns and knives, I will fight barehanded and die.” Lee Dong Hee

We have to say goodbye to another good drama that has entertained us for the last 9 weeks, yeap it’s 3 Days! When 3 Days first came out, I underestimated them way too bad. I and my friend we both believed that 3 Days would get a single digit viewer rating because they were up against Cunning Single Lady (which is a rom-com) and Inspiring Generation (which had aired more than 10 eps that time). But we both got surprised because apparently 3 Days was leading!

Although I underestimated them, but I watched the series lol. No no, not because of Yoochun, but because of Son Hyun Joo and Yoon Je Moon (yes, I always have soft spot for veteran actors lol).


How many of you watched this drama? How many of you enjoyed this drama? And, how many of you loved the drama? Me? You’ll know whether I loved this drama or not, simply just keep reading this review. Enjoy ^^


CAST + ACTING + IMPRESSION (9.2 out of 10)


Son Hyun Joo, Yoon Je Moon, Choi Won Young, Ahn Kil Kang, Jang Hyun Sung
Ugh! Hands down!!! They killed the series!! I was mad when the writer killed off Jang Hyun Sung, it was only ep 6 and he died?!!!! DAMN!

Anybody remember him on the Heirs? LOL! He went from this


to this

ep 15 2

Park Ha Sun was off in her own world, delivered her lines like she was always in rush (idk whether the director asked her or not). So Yi Hyun did great imo. Knetizen criticized them both way too harsh. I do agree with knetizen on Park Ha Sun’s case but So Yi Hyun, I think she rocked her scenes.


ps, Park Ha Sun is extremely pretty with short hair!

ep 16 2

Yoochun, Eum… well… He improved. He impressed me but he is still not at the great-actor level YET!


I always have this thought that YooChun was lacking in many aspects in acting but all of the articles and comments about him only talked about how he exceeded idol level acting and that he’s the best out of all male idol-turned-actor (*cough* Lee Joon everyone?) so I thought I was the weird one until I found some people who pointed this out then I realized that this whole time the articles were being flooded by his fans (Remember Yoo Seung Ho-Yoochun fans case?)


CINEMATOGRAPHY (8 out of 10)
Everything was just an inch away from perfect. I do notice that their late eps improved in cinematography aspect. Maybe they wanted to make this series to be remembered by their viewers?

ep 13

3 days- ep 1

 PLOT/STORYLINE (8 out of 10)
If only the drama didn’t lack too much in details then I’d give 8.5 out of 10. The whole storyline is exciting, it makes you want to watch the next episode as soon as possible. Fast-paced, but the weakness is… details. On early episodes I was so confused how come Tae Kyung knew everything while the rest of Secret Service members knew nothing even the Chiefs! Someone please help me.

Bo Won and Tae Kyung romantic scenes felt so forced. On top of it, heck this is action drama not romantic drama. The flashbacks on ep 16 of explosion, car crashing,etc that they made it looks like it’s a romantic scene and that felt really awkward to me.


Actually it was entitled “3 days” not because it happens for a span of 3 days but there are 3 chapters contained in the drama, and each chapter is composed of 3 days. Meaning the highlights in each chapter contains 3 days each.

“Part 1: The Prelude, Part 2: The Showdown, and Part 3: Judgement, with each segment lasting for 72 hours (3 days)”


Episode 16 was such a roller coaster for me. Every single line worth memorizing. The one that connects with me and i think is the best line out of all 16 episode is “You said that the Secret Service protects the president, then the president protects his people. I can’t run when the safety of my fellow Koreans is jeopardized.” If only our president were like Mr. Lee Dong Hee *sighs*. I actually doubt if Presidents would do such thing for his people.

Director Kim Sang Hee made me cried because of his dedication. He really protected the president until his last breath (writer-nim, i love you)

ep 16

ep 15

I watched 3 Days and 14 Days in the same time so 3 Days felt flat and boring unlike 14 Days but overall I still enjoy the series.


OST (7 out of 10)
Waw. 7 different part of OST just for 16-episode drama *applause*. From the list I like:
–          Goodbye by Im Chang Jung (ok I’m being biased),
–          You’re Calling Me by Gummy (I’m being biased again)
–          Words that My Heart Shouts by Kim Bo Young

Overall rating : 8.3 out of 10
Will I Watch it Again? Eummmmmm….

3 Days will be followed by You’re All Surrounded YAY!!!!! I’M READY TO WATCH CHA SEUNG WON I’M READY!!!!!! I’ll download the series instead of streaming it so you can expect tons of caps from me



With Love,

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