Jin Yi Han on A New Leaf (ep 1-7) ♥♥♥

Hi guys!! I know that since last month i just don’t keep up with everything, i don’t even post “Quote of the Week” regularly and i feel sorry for that. I’ve been bad and lazy /i blame myself/. I promise i’ll be more diligent from now on and post regularly, i promise 😀


Sooooooooooo, 4 weeks ago A New Leaf joined “Wed-Thus 21:55” war, up against You’re All Surrounded and Golden Cross. I, without, hesitation gave it a shot because Kim Sang Joong is one of the main casts /we all know how great his performance is/.

ep 1 (1)

The next sentences will probably hurt you if you’re a big supporter of this drama but let me say this first, do NOT ATTACK ME. I got hate messages and mentions on twitter regarding my critics to Angel Eyes (only because i don’t watch it because of the casts). So, are we cool? If yes, then you may continue reading.

I watched the first episode when it was almost -or probably past- 11pm -i can’t remember- and got really sleepy. Usually if i watch dramas even if it’s past midnight i won’t get sleepy unless the drama is boring and uninteresting. So, i’ll let you do the math. Yes, the first 2 episodes were boring as hell and i slept in the middle of my watching. Even the first 5 mins i was already really sleepy and knew that the drama would not be interesting and was ready to drop it.


Wanna hear something funny? As i told you, i was really sleepy during the 1st eps, then suddenly Jin Yi Han appeared on my laptop screen and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA my sleepiness disappeared right away!! I don’t know what kind of magic he did to me!

ep 1 (2)

ep 1 (3)

ep 1 (4)

and we have JYH stills from ep 1 ihihihi

BqjDXvMCcAAMRmz.jpg large

I was disappointed because i thought he was only cameo (like on Master Sun, he’s cameo on ep 1). So… it was… when i was watching the 2nd episode, and in the middle of it i just couldn’t take it anymore and decided to just drop A New Leaf and erased everything related to the drama from my brain lol.

Then a week ago i was on “kepo” mode (lmao-ing so hard at my word choice). I had nothing to do, didn’t know what to do, was bored as hell so i googled A New Leaf review and found a website (i can’t remember the url) and the website wrote that Jin Yi Han is one of the main casts in A New Leaf. I got shocked. Really. Because I thought he only appear on ep 1 but he’s actually one of the main casts! I got excited knowing this but i also had twisted mind because A New Leaf is so boring but it has Jin Yi Han what should i do god damn it! I was ranting all night long lol. But because of my love for him i took a really difficult (LOL AGAIN!!) decision, i picked up the drama again.

WARNING: NEXT PARAGRAPHS HAVE POTENTIAL TO HURT YOU IF YOU’RE A DIE HARD “A NEW LEAF” FAN. So i f you’re going to hate me, bash me, mock me, leave harsh comments, please close this page.

I’m sorry for saying this, but i seriously skip the whole thing and only watch Jin Yi Han’s part. Which means i only watched -2 min of episode 3, 4, 5, 6. I watched other scenes too so hold back your anger lol. 5+ mins for ep 3. Glad that on ep 7 he had more screen time yay.

ep 3.
cep 3 (2)
the second frame is uber cuteee

ep 4
cep 4 (2)

ep 4
Park Min Young is really adorable!!!

ep 5
cep 5

ep 5

ep 6
ep 6 (1)
Looking so fresh!!

ep 7
cep 7 (4)

ep 7 (5)
I want more stills T_T

ep 7 (2)

ep 7 (1)

ep 7 (6)

ep 7
Prosecutor Jeon Ji Won!

I know that i’m missing the essence of this drama because i skip the whole thing, i pledge myself to watch the next eps FULL without skipping anything, wish me luck (lol).

Oh, one more! I think that this drama is a battle of whose voice is deeper, Kim Myung Min, Kim Sang Joong or Jin Yi Han. All male casts have deep voice especially Kim Myung Min. Totally voice “heaven”.

I’m Sorry,

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  1. ahsong!
    Jun 06, 2014 @ 21:17:18

    Hi… Totally understand what you mean…. I’m also watching this because of Jin Yi Han toooooo!


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