Empress Ki [review]

Empress Ki [review]

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“Uneasiness will become frustration. Frustration will soon become hatred.” – Wang Yu

Finally I manage to write this post! It’s been awhile since I finished watching Empress Ki but because I had to suffer for 3 weeks bcf exams plus you know what kind of person I am, yes I’m diligent when it comes to watch but hella lazy when it comes to write reviews. It’scurrently 21:51 PM right now and I’m waiting for my download to finish so this is what I do, write a review to kill the time and jamming to K.Will’s songs ^^

What comes to your mind when you read the word Empress Ki? The real-life Empress Ki or the drama Empress Ki? I’m sure at least 50% of you don’t even know who Empress Ki is until you watch the drama lol because… me too.

At first I was really hesitating to watch this. I mean… come on 50 episodes! I have to stare at my computer screen for 50+ hours?! Then suddenly the PD-nims decided to extend one more episode making it 51-episode drama. Kill meeeeeh. But I managed to force myself to watch the drama and magically I fell in love instantly. Even until now I still don’t believe that I actually WATCHED Empress Ki. My friends who are kdrama addicts (even their addiction is worse than me) they don’t and won’t watch this drama because : first, it’s too long, second, it’s saeguk. So… does this mean I’m awesome? hihhihihi

CAST + ACTING + IMPRESSION (10 out of 10)
Ha Ji Won

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Okay, maybe most of you won’t believe me but I was once her hater. During Secret Garden days I didn’t like her, AT ALL. She is the only reason why I don’t watch Secret Garden. Even up until now I still have no intention to watch the drama even though Hyun Bin is in it. Then on King Two Hearts she was okay for me. Maybe because her hairstyle in was different so on K2H I didn’t see her as that girl on Secret Garden. Then when I first saw Empress Ki promotional poster, I didn’t even recognize her!! Lol.

She nailed it. Seung Yang went through a lot. From a street fighter to royal warrior to a ‘woman’ then had baby, to a place maid to concubine, got pregnant again, then became the Empress. From an angel to an evil then to an angel again. She portrayed her character very well. I like how her character kept changing and it just gave me fresh feeling about her character.

Joo Jin Mo

joo jin mo for empress ki

Bold presence. He left me a very deep impression. He doesn’t just deliver lines but heACTS. His tone and stare/gaze compliment his acting.

Ji Chang Wook

ji chang wook poster for empress ki

He really is an exceptional actor. I’m surprised that he’s 87-liner. He acts so well. From naughty prince to a very great and wise Emperor, he acted it very neat, very well. Oh and I really thank God that Jang Geun Seuk rejected the offer for Ta Hwan role because simply he doesn’t fit to the role plus in order to live up to Ha Ji Won and Joo Jin Mo the rest of the casts must have really solid acting which imo Jang Geun Seuk doesn’t have.

Baek Jin Hee

baek jin hee

i.hate.her.but.i.also.admire.her.whatshappeningwithmeaaghhhh. Her character was far from nice. We should hate her because of it but I just couldn’t bring myself to hate her. She was full with evil schemes, hateful but she was weak and pitiful in the same time that’s why I couldn’t hate her character. Plus she’s really pretty It’s even harder to hate her lol. The Empress was evil to the evil-est level but I pitied her unlike the second empress (Lim Ju Eun) gosh even when she smiled I wanted to smash my laptop. I hated her too in Arang and Magistrate but I pitied her on the Heirs lol.

Kim Seo Hyung

screen-shot-2014-02-07-at-pm-01-11-07 @

She nailed it. Period. She just nailed it. Her smiles were all so mysterious just like Monalisa’s smile. She’s currently filming A New Leaf (with Jin Yi Han too) a big waste of talent to be honest.

Jung Woong In
As expected, hands down. He’s a brilliant actor and always gives his best in every his work. Even he got dirt on his mouth on the last episode. I just pity him that he only gets evil character lol. I got surprised that he actually already has a child (children?). He appears on that child-father show, Appa Odiga or Superman is Back I can’t remember. When I knew this unconsciously mumbled to myself whether his child was afraid of him or not lol.

And all casts that I don’t mention here because there are just too many casts and I’m really lazy right now

CINEMATOGRAPHY (8 out of 10)
Great cinematography! Okay gotta agree, the middle run (?) their cinematography was really dull. That scene where Lady Park (she was still Lady that time hadn’t reached Concubine level yet) told Seung Yang to stop whatever Seung Yang was about to do (kill the Emperor), that scene is really dull. Seriously.

The other thing that I really like from this drama besides its great cinematography and storyline is the costumes. The best costumes after Jang ok Jung, Lives in Love.

And who can forget the breathtaking scene on episode one during the royal ceremony scene?

ep 1 (2)



Beaaaaautiful headpieces, and red and black royal dress, with majestic gold embroidery. Ah I’m seriously weak in this part. Oh not to mention Ha Ji Won’s bright red lipstick ahhhhh.

ep 1

PLOT/STORYLINE (9 out of 10)
Like what I once wrote on my Jang Ok Jung, Lives in Love review, dramas are for entertainment purposes only, don’t take them too seriously and if you want to watch the real thing that happened and written in the history books, go watch documentary shows instead.

Empress Ki distorted history wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too much (just like JOJ did) but I still don’t understand why Empress Ki got high rating and JOJ didn’t? Poor my Master Sik his drama failed. Oh, anyways maybe because Empress Ki offered more talented casts (knetz seriously hate Kim Tae Hee’s acting plus that KARA girl ruined everything I hate her gdi)

I like the whole thing. I like the storyline and it was fast-paced another good thing. Not a single scene was boring as hell. Boring yes I admit there are some scenes that’s very boring but boring to the point I skip no, as long as I remember I didn’t skip any scene. I started to watch this 2 weeks before their final week so yes I was left behind by so many episodes. Once I started watching I just couldn’t take my eyes off of my laptop screen and I did marathon on this lol.

poster 4 @

 I actually really like the idea of killing Maha off I mean… haha okay. But I’m not okay with the writer killed everybody on the last 2 episodes.

 OST (9.5 out of 10)


Just great. Great . great. Nothing I can say other than great. My favs are WAX’s, Park Wan Kyu’s and Junsu’s. the VA tracks are all great too. Just brilliant, enough said.

Overall rating : 9.2 out of 10
Will I Watch it Again? Too many episodes T_T

And bonussssssssssss

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Unnie, what is your beauty secret? T_T






Because i’ll forever ship TaNyang,

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