Jin Yi Han in A New Leaf [ep 12-14]

hi!!! So, President Election is coming real fast and i’m here all scared because we only have two candidates let’s name them candidate X and candidate Z. This year’s election is no joke. No matter how much i hate my country (for our “ministers” who do corruption endlessly) but i actually love this country and just want some peace here. Oh well… let’s just forget it for awhile and enjoy the offers kdramaland give us ^^

I’m back with more caps of Jin Yi Han in A New Leaf. Apparently the episodes got cut down from 20 to 18. Oh well, we all know why. A New Leaf is a total failure compare to its two competitors. I always skip the whole thing and only watch Jin Yi Han’s part lol i’m not sorry. 4 episodes left yay i just cannot wait until A New Leaf ends its run. Fated to Love You will replace it, i watched the teaser and it’s all fluffy awwwww. Can’t wait.

Let’s start with episode 12!!

ep 12 (2)

ep 12 (4)

ep 12

ep 12 by starnews
cr: topstarnews


EP 13 (2)

EP 13 (3)

EP 13 (4)

EP 13 (5)

EP 13 (7)

EP 13 (8)

EP 13

EPISODE 14!!!!!!!

EP 14 (1)

EP 14 (2)EP 14 (4)

ep 14EP 14(5)EP 14 (6)

That’s it for this post. I’m happy that he gets more and more screen time hihihihi. See ya later on my next post.

As always, I’m not a hater, i’m a watcher


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