Arang and the Magistrate caps

arang official poster

“There are so many things you cannot calculate in this world.” – Jade Emperor

Hi everyone, how are you? ^^ I’m back again! Remember that i told you i’m going to update more? Yes, i’m trying to fulfill my promise so here i am with a new post. This is not a review since this is 2012-drama and i’m pretty sure there are already TONS of reviews of this drama. I publish this post because i cap-ed (?) some scenes of the drama and i don’t want to delete them just like that. I only have few caps but these are caps from my fav scenes and hopefully these are your fav scenes too ^^


ep 8 (1)

ep 8 (2)


ep 11 (1)

ep 11 (2)

ep 15
huhuhuhuu why……….


ep 15 (1)

ep 15 (2)
one of my fav scenes out of its entire run ^^


ep 19


ep 20

That’s it. Not much right? kkkk. But i hope you enjoy this post and maybe this post makes you want to re-watch the drama again (if you have watched) or maybe makes you want to pick up this drama and watch it (if you haven’t watched this). If you haven’t watched the drama, well, i seriously recommend you this. It’s all fluffy, lovely and heartwarming, it also made my heart skipped a bit few times. Fast paced and the casts are all well rounded. But the Magistrate’s mother scared me with her facial expression lol. Give it a try if you haven’t watch this drama ^^

See you next time,


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