Joseon Gunman posters & first impression

FINALLY ANOTHER SAGEUK DRAMA AAAHHHHHH. As a big fan of sageuk, the last 2 months were a torture for me because no sageuk was released. MBC disappointed me because Mon Tue 22:00 was supposed to be the time slot for sageuk but they changed the pattern. After Empress Ki ended its run on April I was hoping there’s going to be another sageuk drama to replace it but Triangle /that is not a sageuk/ was set to fill the time slot. Triangle is going to be replaced by Night Watchman’s Journal /a sageuk!/ later on July though.

My torture has finally come to an end!!!!!!!!!!! Joseon Gunman finally aired its first episode 2 days ago!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! I’m a fan of Lee Jun Ki and I was so excited when the news first broke out, trust me, you guys just cannot imagine how excited and happy I was, simply because it’s been awhile since Two Weeks ended and he went on a tour but there was almost no news of him at all during his tour. But finally, one of the best actors is back to the small screen yay ♥♥♥

I purposely avoided all Joseon Gunman follow-up news, teasers and stills until the first ep aired 2 days ago, I didn’t even know the synopsis simply because I didn’t to torture myself any further lol.  So last night I watched the first episode and it didn’t disappoint me. My expectations were incredibly high since Lee Jun Ki is in it, and they met my expectations! Seriously, everything was on point. The beautiful camera angle, cinematography, funny scenes, thrill, action, everything was on point, period. I think my standard bar for this drama is going to get higher and higher as the eps go on.

Joseon Gunman is a bit similar to The Princess’ Man in my opinion. The son of high officials seeks for revenge for his family’s death but falls in love with a woman and he has to fight for his revenge and love too. But different character, different political climates, set in different period of history (The Princess’ Man is set during early Joseon, during King Danjong’s reign to be exact and Joseon Gunman during the late period).

The Princess’ Man remains as one of the most beautiful sageuk dramas I’ve ever watched, it sets a very high standard bar for sageuk dramas I watched after it. So far, Joseon Gunman is the only one that broke the standard bar despite with only 2 episodes. How cool is that?! Joseon Gunman is now the new standard bar for the future sageuk dramas I’ll be watching.

Just in case you haven’t seen any of the teaser photos, don’t worry, I upload some of them for you. Of course not all teasers, stills and posters I’m not that diligent saving every single photo.





Official!! The best posters for drama this year (so far)! The designing team is the team that also did the artwork for movie The Face Reader and Crying Man. That’s it, great, just great. Best kdrama poster so far this year.

Haven’t watch the teasers? Oh well, no worries, below is the long version of the teaser:

Just by watching the teaser you can tell that the drama is just going to be so beautiful in cinematography. Ah no matter how many times i watch it i still get goosebumps.

Oh well let’s wrap this post here. However this is my first EVER First Impression post /claps/

I’ll see you guys around!

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