Ha Ji Won’s new song


Maybe some of you already knew this but maybe some of you haven’t. Yes, Ha Ji Won released her single on early June this year! God, actually i myself was also late knowing this, i knew this one month after its released date (July). Let’s take a look at the cover. How amazing is that?! She looks gorgeous, as always! The depth in that cover is just on point, that gaze tells everything and the edit/effect is just fab. The greyish background completes it.

Now, let’s get into the song. The song is called 나 지금 이자리에 (Now in This Place). Composed by Jae Chong (producer of AZIATIX) and the lyric is written by Empress Ki scriptwriter! How great this combination is! And that explains why for that photoshoot she wore that cute little crown on her head. Her costume also gives you a little bit of chinese, joseon vibe.

I didn’t expect anything from her single because… however… she’s an actress not a singer. I didn’t expect the song to be really good, with high notes here and there lol nope, I’m not that cruel. Her vocal is like the mature version of Park Shin Hye’s vocal. The song doesn’t impress me to be honest, her vocal too but the more you listen to it the more you’ll love it. Well idk how to explain it since im not an expert but it calms you. Really.

For those who want to download it just click here and enjoy ^^


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