Hotel King [review]



“The thing that’s really scary is not the CCTV but a person’s eyes. You cannot erase nor manipulate a person’s eyes.” – Director Baek (Hotel King)

Alright people, the long 16-week-drama has finally ended yesterday! Yes, one and only, it’s Hotel King! Did you enjoy the drama? Did you love it? Or… did you even watch it? Kkkkk for those who have watched it, let’s recall it for a while and for those who haven’t, this can be your guide. Probably? Ehehhehe. Let’s review it ^^


Hotel king started its run with –imo- satisfying viewers rating. They even placed #3 (Seoul, TNmS) when ep 3 aired. I thought Koreans liked Angel Eyes more because we can easily find Angel Eyes articles on news portals but then I guess I was wrong. Angel Eyes beat Hotel King 8 times (viewers rating) from ep 5-11 but from 12-til the end, Hotel King beat Angel Eyes. Well, viewers rating don’t lie ihihi.

Hotel King is a seriously heavy drama, makjang pro. Their very first scene was extremely brutal I don’t even want to recall it again. Then Hotel King kept on giving us heavy material, with plot twist on almost every episode and tbh, I was REALLY tired of it. Watching this drained my energy, I pitied Cha Jae Wan with all my heart. He was hurt deep in his heart but he looks all strong and tough on the outside, this what drained my energy.


CAST + ACTING + IMPRESSION (8 out of 10)
Lee Dong Wook (Cha Jae Wan)

ep 9

He did great. I liked how he portrayed Jae Wan. he managed to control his facial expression. His stare did all the talks.

Lee Da Hae (Ah Mo Ne)
She’s the reason why I fell in love with this drama. I liked her bitchy actions on early episodes. She delivered her acting well. On ep 2, when she visited his death father and cried her eyes out i also cried my eyes out. It was really heartbreaking.

ep 2 2

ep 2

Lee Deok Hwa (Lee Jun Ku)
Official. The worst villain in kdrama paradise in 2014 so far. I just anjsufifbrj he was so mean so evil towards Jae Wan, don’t forget about what he did to Mo Ne’s father, Baek Mi Nyeo too. But on ep 31, he finally showed that he was also a human and a father. I praise the scriptwriter for that. Thank you for not making him forever an evil in my memory.


CINEMATOGRAPHY (6 out of 10)
Their image quality dropped so bad in the middle of the run, I cant remember since what ep but I think it’s after episode 20 or 10 I don’t know. It just became so dull to the point I felt like I was watching my country’s drama leeeeh.

Their first few episodes were the best in every single aspect. Their final ep let me down to be honest, in so many aspect. I don’t know guys, maybe I set my standard waaaaaaaaaaaay too high for Hotel King because of their brutal pilot episode.

 ep 9 (2)

ep 9 (3)

PLOT/STORYLINE (8 out of 10)
The heaviest makjang drama I’ve ever watched! Official. Errrrrrr.

ep 24
Just like Director Baek Mi Nyeo who is not amused on the pic above, i am also not amused. errrrrrr

There were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many twist in this drama and it just exhaust me. I didn’t understand some of it and still don’t.

Too many questions are left unanswered, like what happen next to Ju Wan, what about Jun Ku’s ex wife and daughter, how could Baek Mi Nyeo become healthy again and more. I just wish they could explain a little bit more.

Ep 32 was….. boring. While watching it I just felt like the scriptwriter didn’t know what to write so they just put out that boring episode, like it was just a fill-in episode. I personally think they could just end it on 31. I don’t know what’s wrong with me guys, I finished watching it like an hour ago and I just felt the urge to post this review asap so I could forget everything related to this drama I don’t know I’m just too frustrated with everything that’s going on in this drama.

For those who don’t know, I’m that type of person who finishes watching a drama today and post the review few weeks later. I lost all my excitement because this is just too long. I remembered it vividly when I posted this post before, I was all fine with 32 eps but now after I watched every single episode of the drama I just regretted why I blindly invested my precious 32 hours watching this.

It’s not that Hotel King is a bad drama, it’s extremely excellent drama with brilliant cast lineup but I don’t know I don’t understand my own opinion too. Well, is this an opinion? Lol. Maybe because the directing was done rather poorly, the plot was dragged for too long and makjang was so strong to the point it gave me a headache.



OST (10 out of 10)
The best OST for drama this year so far. I love every single one of it. period!!! I cannot pick my fav because it’s just really hard. I told you, I love them all ihihihi

tumblr_n928o19K3T1rs3l09o6_r1_250 (1)


Overall rating : 8 out of 10
Will I Watch it Again?  Ehh? Nope.


I should’ve spent more days to come up with a better post, right 😦



ep 24 (3)


Bon-V2SIMAAKamr.jpg large

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