God’s Quiz season 4 [review]

God’s Quiz 4 [review]


“No devices or chemicals can surpass the human’s emotional funcion. And to humans, there’s a protective measure for the emotional functions. A very strong antibody. Memories. That’s what it is.” – Dr. Han (God’s Quiz season 4)


Another great drama has ended its run, leaving us -me- speechless. This time, that drama is God’s Quiz season 4. You probably also know, it was a torture waiting for the subbed ep! It even took  weeks since the ep aired to be uploaded on the internet with eng sub since ep 6 to end. Well, the web where I usually watch drama was like that.


Some of you probably already know that I’m a big big big fan of Super Junior and one of Super Junior’s members had a role in this drama, yes, Mr. Lee Donghae. I’ll be REALLY honest on this post, I won’t get biased I promise.


Okay, the first thing I want you to know is, this is my first time watching God’s Quiz. If Lee Donghae-ssi didn’t take part on this, probably I wouldn’t know or even care to know about this drama’s existence lol. I knew nothing about this series, didn’t even know the basic premise, didn’t even know who the casts were, their faces were so unfamiliar to me.  And I’m GLAD he had a role so that I got to know about this series. I skipped the first two episodes since Donghae isn’t on it lololol and started to watch from ep 3.


CAST + ACTING + IMPRESSION (9 out of 10)
Okay no need to talk about the two leads’ acting (Ryu Deok Hwan, Yoon Joo Hee). You probably already knew since years ago that they are awesome and I’m new to them so I cannot comment on this one. Let’s talk about the cameos and the idols.


The Idols – Donghae, Jaekyung


Jaekyung did really great for her role. She looked really pretty throughout the drama. Her tone didn’t sound awkward to my ears, she did the right thing on gesture and facial expression.  But yea imho she still needs to improve her acting especially crying scene. If I didn’t know beforehand that she was an idol probably I wouldn’t know that she was an idol! (thank u once again Donghae for letting me know who Jaekyung is).


Donghae… ermmm his acting was awkward on first few appearances but he kept on getting better. His acting on ep 11 was amazing too.


And what I liked the most was, the fact that he got this role because he auditioned for it, not just got the role because of their idol title like *cough bora cough*


And the cameos did really great! My fav is that criminal who had mental illness. It was ep 5 (Dead Man Walking). He did a great job (Kim Heung Soo).



CINEMATOGRAPHY (9.5 out of 10)
Just great. Don’t ask me, my answer will always be the same, great.



PLOT/STORYLINE (10 out of 10)
NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After preparing myself by googling some infos about the drama before watching ep 3 i got really happy. This drama genre was medical/forensics/mystery. For that alone, I was exactly the audience for this type of show. So if Donghae had failed to keep me watching, I could still have finished this for its storyline alone. But thank God, Donghae nailed this.


This plot was absolutely fast-paced, so exciting and thrilling every ep, always kept me on the edge of my seat. There was nothing I could complain on. Just excellent every episode. Episode 8 (Superman) was the best episode imo. I cried so hard watching the last 15 minutes.


We -I-learned a lot from this drama, they always gave an inspiring quote at the end of every episode, we got to learn some medical terms, names and whatever it’s called lol. We learned how to keep our friendship, how to protect people we love.


Oh, did they give hint that they’ll be making season 5? Because Dr. Han was fugitive when they ended the run, even though the bad guy was dead (thanks to Dr. Han’s mama) but he was still a fugitive!!! There’s no way he’s a fugitive for the rest of his life right?



OST (9 out of 10)
Jaekyung – Maybe I
Ji Hoon    – To Live Today



Overall rating :  9.4 out of 10
Will I Watch it Again? Definitely!!


Donghae says “I love you” ♥♥


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