Night Watchman’s Journal [first impression]

The Night Watchman’s Journal


Hi guys what are you currently up to? ^^

As all of you (probably) already knew, last week The Night Watchman’s Journal  joined the mon-tue 21:55pm battle. I had no intention to watch this at first because of their four leads (don’t kill me please) but then why I watched this? LOL I was so bored at that time, I had nothing to do, I didn’t know what to do so I just randomly clicked on this drama and the video played and damn, I enjoyed their first episode and found myself waiting for their 2nd ep  the next day.

Their 2 eps were strong and pretty demanding imo. Choi Won Yeong and Kim Seung Oh did a very excellent job, the child actors were great too. I liked how they did the CG, it was clear and I bet MBC paid a big amount of money to do it.

I, honestly, want the drama to focus on the king, Sadam and the female shaman but unfortunately they killed her off 😦 I was kinda telling myself that the King would take the shaman to his palace, made her his concubine, the shaman tried to get rid of the Queen and Queen Dawager ahahah but it’s impossible right? Since the drama will focus on Jung Il Woo and the Night Watchman.

Up to this point we still have no idea who the night watchman is. I read it somewhere on the internet that Lee Rin (Jung Il Woo) will be able to see ghosts but I doubt he will be the night watchman. And I’m still not sure of what role Yunho has…. Errrr… someone care to enlighten me? I told you I didn’t want to watch this but ended up loving the pilot eps.

Alright, unlike other people who really excited to see Jung Il Woo and Yunho, I -very very very very very honest-  am not looking forward at all. Don’t get me wrong, Il Woo seriously is talented but his acting so far hasn’t lived up to my expectation. How about Yunho? In Yunho case, I agree 100% with knetz, so don’t ask me any further. And the other two girls, ah…. I do not want to know. I watched Go Sung Hee in Miss Korea, she was so bad. I don’t know about Seo Ye Ji. it’s like wasting talented actors’ acting…

Some of you are probably trying your best not to yell at me and kick me in the ass for being rude to your oppar, yes I italic those two words on porpose, but please hold your anger because I will watch the next episode. The ending of the last ep was crazy of course I want to know what will happen to the young Prince and the possessed King.

I feel like a bunch of people will attack me after this lol im preparing myself.

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