Secret Door [first impression]

Secret Door [first impression]

secret door poster 1

And SBS is finally back with sageuk HORRAY!!!! Secret Door is SBS’s first sageuk drama this year and my expectation is really high.  It’s set to be 24-episode-drama which tells a new story behind Prince Sado and his father, also about conflicts and murders surrounding them. Secret Door  takes over Temptation’s time slot and the first episode aired last night, 140922.

Crown Prince Sado is one of the most well-known royal Princes in the history of Korea, there are already so many dramas and movies out there that’s produced based on his life story. For history nerd, perhaps you already know about his life story. Me, tbh, I don’t know much about Crown Prince Sado. I only know that Crown Prince Sado’s father (King Yeongjo) was Choi Suk Bin’s son, also Crown Prince Sado mother was not the Queen but one of King Yeongjo’s royal concubines. And also, King Yeongjo -and Crown Prince Sado’s mother- issued a royal decree that ordered him to be sealed in a four feet square rice chest, by that way Crown Prince Sado died of starvation.

Let’s get into our topic again. The drama aims to unveil the story behind the events, centering around King Yeongjo’s struggle in strengthening his power and delves into the conflicts arising between him and his heir, but with a twist of a murder case. Crown Prince Sado is the figure who sets up a secret investigation team to reveal the mystery, in the midst of the continuous disputes between the factions.

The drama is strengthen by long list of great cast, starts from Han Suk Kyu, Lee Je Hoon, Kim Min Jong, Choi Won Young, Kim Yoo Jung, Jang Hyun Sung and others. I can recognize almost 100% of all casts, how great am I! Even the King’s Eunuch looks so familiar to me.  The most important thing is, no idol in this drama, YAY! This drama is really serious in picking their casts which i gotta clap my hands for that.

Secret Door ep 1 (1)
I cannot count how many people that i know/recognize during this scene. Just so many.

The drama itself is already strong with its casts’ acting and name, it only needs strong, great story to fill the remaining spot the BOOM it’s going to be one of the finest dramas in 2014. The scriptwriter is Yoon Sun Joo. Woaaaaahhhhhhh we’re talking about the writer who wrote one of the best sageuk dramas, The Great King Sejong! For this fact alone i can bet that the story will be strong. (We’re talking about The Great King Sejong you guys)

So, i just watched the pilot episode and i only have one word, AMAZING. The drama starts with future King Yeongjo (Han Suk Kyu) being threaten by a royal minister (Kim Chang Wan) and how King Yeongjo turns into a completely different person 30 years later. The story moves really fast, the first 15 minutes is totally the worst in this episode. The editing is too fast and makes it kind of awkward, like they’re rushing.

The casts are mind-blowing. If they want to portray King Yeongjo as a mysterious king, then they do it right.

Secret Door ep 1 (2)

I can’t read Han Suk Kyu’s facial expression in this episode, like he’s enjoying the crisis but is he thinking of a way out? Like that. His smile always gives a different feel than what it should be. Lee Je Hoon (Crown Prince Sado), however, still below my standard bar. The last drama i watched him in is Fashion King and tbh he didn’t do that good on that one so I do not have any expectation on him on this drama. The Crown Princess (Park Eun Bin) is kind of annoying to me.

My second problem with this episode is, i extremely hate the part in which young Yi Sun (future Crown Prince Sado) was made to lead the cries. The child actor was crying for real. I kind of pity him.

The pilot episode sets an extremely high standard bar for the remaining episodes, i just couldn’t help it. How this episode is so strong and commanding, with mystery here and there. As expected, the channel that excels in dramas the most, one and only, SBS LOL! Let’s see how the story develops and this is also the end of this first impression post.

As always, thank you for stopping by ^^

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