My Secret Hotel [review]

My Secret Hotel [review]


Happy November guys!! Can you believe it, that 2014 is going to end in just 2 months?! Time sure flies really fast.

I’m extremely sorry for the lack of update and review (Quote of the Week posts are queued posts so they don’t count), I was busy with exams so my watching schedule messed up. Then once my exams finished, my wifi died what the hell! Resulting me couldn’t keep up with everything, literally everything. Me posting this doesn’t mean my wifi has been back to its normal state, nope, it’s still acting up. Today it’s on tomorrow it’s dead without any reason then the next day it’s on then it’s dead then on then it’s dead and keep going like that.

Yes, I missed out My Secret Hotel and Night Watchman’s final episode and I’m sorry for that. I only  managed to finish My Secret Hotel two days ago and still not being able to watch Night Watchman but I promise to finish it before Nov 10th. So, because I’ve finished My Secret Hotel let’s discuss it now ^^

“I won’t come back again, until you want me to.” – Goo Hye Young

My Secret Hotel is a fun, romcom drama, full with mystery and stupidity of its characters -_- Tells about a divorced couple meet again as the manager of a wedding department of a hotel and as a groom. Nam Sang Hyo (Yoo In Na) is the manager for the wedding department of a hotel. She meets her ex-husband Goo Hae Young (Jin Yi Han) as a client at the hotel. On the day of Goo Hae Young marriage is supposed to be held, a murder case occurs, resulting  his marriage being cancelled. Jo Sung Gyeom (Namgoong Min) is the management director of the hotel and Sang Hyo’s boss. The murder case that brings about a crisis at the hotel is related with his personal history. Jo Sung Gyeom then develops interest on Sang Hyo, in the same time Hae Young also falls in love again with Sang Hyo making it a complicated love triangle.

CAST + ACTING + IMPRESSION (9.5 out of 10)


As a whole, the casts are amazing. They deliver their lines nicely and touch our hears. Yoo In Na does great in portraying Nam Sang Hyo. To be honest, Nam Sang Hyo character is not everyone’s favorite because of her (Sang Hyo) stupidity and inconsistency. She wants to be with Hae Young but also wants to starts a new page in her life with Jo Sung Gyeom, it’s pretty selfish too. It’s pretty frustrating watching her being like that

Jin Yi Han does a great job too, he portrays the character of Hae Young so great. The reason why I watch this drama to be honest uhuhuu T_T

ep 1 (2)

Next we have Namgung Min portraying Jo Sung Gyeom. Ah….. if Sang Hyo is already frustrating, then Sung Gyeom is EXTREMELY frustrating let’s talk about this on storyline section below. He doesn’t impress me to be honest. I kept on waiting for a scene where he could make me think he’s a good actor but unfortunately I couldn’t find that one scene. Maybe because of Sung Gyeom character. Well, cant blame the actor then.

The other actors also do really good in this drama.

CINEMATOGRAPHY (9 out of 10)
Another reason why I tried so hard to finish this drama -> their beauty in capturing moments. By just looking at the score I give them you can directly tell what I’m thinking about. Yes, you’re right!

PLOT/STORYLINE (8 out of 10)
I could have dropped this drama if not because I was curious with the real culprit. As we all know, the original scriptwriter died because of cancer (may she RIP) she only did the first 4 episodes, leaving ep 5-16 to the new scriptwriter. The drama starts with a fresh storyline, everything is so good and pulls you in even if you try so hard to avoid it. But starts from ep 5 everything just gets worse to the point it’s just hard to sit myself for 60 minutes watching this.

The only good thing that the new scriptwriter does for the drama is the big twist at the finale. Director (?) Yang Kyung Hee kill those 2 people and Cha Dong Min goes to jail instead of her in order to protect her. That’s it. God!

ep 16 (1)

The ending is pretty much predicted, basic formula in kdramaland you know. We do not need to be a genius to know that by the end of the day Sang Hyo and Hae Young willl be together again.

ep 16 (3)

Their mystery side is strong at the beginning but it goes downhill /again/ from ep 5. Well, we can’t expect the writer to kill everybody though.

Like what I said earlier, Sung Gyum is frustrating. How come a fine man only looks for one woman in his life even though he knows that the woman has once married to a man, that she still longs for him. Ah….

The comedy aspect is on point. I laugh a lot watching the drama.

ep 10

Oh don’t forget the most hilarious scene on ep 1 when Joo Jung Eun comes to Hae Young’s office.

Joo Jung Eun: “You should be responsible for sucking me in with your pretty face. Looking so hot in your suit, you should be responsible. Being successful on top of being handsome you should be totally responsible. And your voice, melting me with your smooth voice. Your boldness, be responsible for this.”

Goo Hae Young: “If you talk like that, there are too many women I should be responsible for.”

While watching this scene I couldn’t help but laughed so hard! THAT’S RIGHT PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ME LIKING YOU JIN YI HAN! And they have a good amount of comedy scenes that will crack you up ^^

As a whole, it’s a very well done drama. It’s different from public broadcast dramas. I read this somewhere, that public broadcast dramas sell their casts’ names while cable dramas sell their story. I kind of agree with this statement. Even though My Secret Hotel is not tvN’s best release this year but it’s still very different and very fresh compared to other dramas. Even though there are lots of unnecessary, boring scenes but as a whole My Secret Hotel wins over many  public broadcast dramas released this year

OST (10 out of 10)

Guys, I’m actually trying hard not to give My Secret Hotel high score but I can’t resist it!!! This section is not an exception. As you can see, I give 10 out of 10 am I crazy or what?!

There are so many great tracks that I love. Every song has its own charm that adds value to the drama. And I like how the staff put the correct BGM that fits the best for the scene. Making both can’t be separated.

I like “Secret” sang by Yoon Sung Ki (윤성기) and Lee So Ri (이소리). You can download/listen to this on youtube (ps, I only upload various artists track jic if you haven’t known it). “Trap” sang by Swings (스윙스) and Yoo Sung Eun. Can’t find the eng translation though ah I really have to study Korean T_T. But it’s a nice song to listen to. Swing’s rap and Yoo Sung Eun’s soul vocal compliments one another.

Out of all Various artists tracks, my #1 fav is “Bell Boy”. It’s also the most played bgm I think along with “Time After Time” YES! Time After Time is also my fav ^^. It gives off shooting vibe when you listen to it. “Begin Again” also relaxes you if you listen to it. the summary is, they have great list of songs that you just can’t help but love them all!!

Overall rating :  9.1 out of 10
Will I Watch it Again? Why I shouldn’t? ^^

ep 12

I’ll finish watching Night Watchman and post the review before Nov 10th, I promise. I’ll catch up Secret Door and will start watching Three Musketeers. OH MY GOD Flower Grandpas Investigation Team is still on my now-watching-list ah I really have to finish watching this first. Do you know what’s worse than this? Seoul Sad Song and Master’s Sun are still on hold. I watched them earlier this year but dropped them middle way because I couldn’t keep up with the recent releases and I guess I forgot them lol the same goes with Big Man too. *sighs* I need to work hard.

Currently watching Modern Farmer. Pride and Prejudice will be watched once I finish everything. I’m thinking about watching Misaeng and Liar Game too but I don’t know whether it’s worth it or not. What you guys think?

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