ALi’s new mini album & MV + Kim Heung Soo & Ha Yeon Joo

Hello everyone, happy sunday! 🙂

So, i just watched ALi’s today’s performance on Inkigayo (141123). She sang her lastest single “펑펑”, promoting her new mini album “Turning Point”. You can watch her performance here:

Her Inkigayo perf disappointed me tbh because she missed few notes maybe didnt do vocal warmup? So i searched her MV and i got a heart attack omg. Kim Heung Soo (Night Watchman) and Ha Yeon Joo (My Secret Hotel) lend their acting skill for her MV! You can watch the MV here

And, if you want to download ALi’s new mini album you can click on here. I know i know, i shouldn’t do this, this is illegal. ALi and her agency would hate me to death but i’m just helping you guys out since not everyone can afford her album or want to buy her album. If you appreciate her and her work, you  should support her by simply watch her MV on her official youtube channel. Or you can stream her songs on Melon, Genie or on another website, Genie is the easiest though.

That’s all for now. Ps, i’ll be uploading a new mini album of xxx xxx xx kkkkkkkkk. This person released his new mini album two days ago. Can you guess? ^^



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