Newly released drama OST ^^

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Hello people, how are you?

I’m back again, bringing you updates of newly released drama ost. So last week i’ve posted download link to download Modern Farmer OST part 4 sang by Jung Joon Young (read and download here) Earlier today, i checked Genie as usual (steaming At Gwanghwamun by Kyuhyun kkkk everyone pls love this song too!) and learned that there were 5 new OSTs released! They are -from left to right-:

1. Birth of a Beauty OST part 4
DOWNLOAD 제미니 (Gemini) – 설마 (Surely)

2. Grow OST (their movie or something? i rmmbr few days ago they had a presscon of their movie release)

3. Valid Love OST part 1
LISTEN Kang San Ae 얼마나 좋을까 (How Nice It Would Be) 

4. Healer OST part 1
LISTEN 1 min preview Michael Learns to Rock – Eternal Love

5. Legendary Witch OST part 2
LISTEN 이유림 (Lee Yoo Rim) – Love… An Earnest Song of Spring Sang in the Winter (WHAT A LONG TITLE SONG!)

That’s all for this week. Oh, Secret Door will wrap up this week. If you’re going to watch their final episode put your tissue box right beside you. I bet it’s going to be really sad. See you around guys 🙂

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