Secret Door VA is finally released guys!

Two weeks after its final episode finally Secret Door releases its complete OSTs today! What a tiring waiting. I thought they would never release the remaining tracks because they were too pissed off *cough ratings cough cough*. Pride and Prejudice, on the contrary, released their full OSTs last week (141216) before/after their 15th episode which means 5 episodes away from their final episode. Meanwhile Secret Door… ok let’s stop bullying Secret Door.

And what did i told you! They had many BGM right! The set comes with 22 tracks, with 8 tracks that we already know since errr ages ago. Here are the complete list:

1. Secret Door (Original Ver) – Block B
2. 지우고 지우다 – The One TITLE SONG
3. 무명화 – 예린
4. Secret Door (Drama Ver) – Block B
5. 지우고 지우다 (Piano Ver) – The One
6. Secret Door (Inst) – Block B
7.  지우고 지우다 (Inst) – The One
8. 무명화 (Inst.) – 예린
9.  비밀의 문 – VA
10. 동궁전 – VA
11. 이선 – VA
12. 맹의 – VA
13. 어정 – VA
14.  반차도 – VA
15.  연- VA
16.  서재 – VA
17.  용모파기 – VA
18.  혜경궁홍씨 – VA
19.  춘당대 – VA
20.  조 – VA

Alright, noone has ripped the audio yet, and i do not know how, i can’t download the songs too since we need korea credit card to make a purchase. But i’ve listened to all of them on Genie (have to use all my Genie codes before they expire this dec T_T). Track no. 11 이선. It gives me really scary feeling. I just finished watching Family Outing season One ep 58 and that ep was not pretty creepy then i listened to this song and in the middle of the song i almost got heart attack. It starts at 1:33. There’s like a knocking sound and piano sound follows. Hurhur. It also repeats at 2:20. OMG WHY YOU COMPOSED SUCH A SCARY SONG?! Is this supposed to be like this? I mean, did they compose this like it is purposely? Or this is work by…….. BUT IT’S REPEATED TWICE!!! 

Track no.15 which is 연 is very rich in melodies (imo….. according to my ears lol). It’s just very good. 

It’s all for now /sighs/ i still haven’t fully recovered. My goal is to get back my life in 10 days, today is the 6th day so let’s wait and see in 4 days. Hopefully i will get better in 4 days. And as always, thank you guys.



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