2015 First Post!!


Can you believe it we’re in 2015 already! This is not year-end post/review, not a resolution post for 2015 but more like a reminder (for myself) that  I still have debt LOL. As some of you have read on my previous posts, I always have trouble with my wifi grrr. And because of it too, it always ruins my watching schedule (up til now!). That’s my first excuse. My second excuse is, I had my final exams for 3 weeks (first week until third week of Dec 2014) and it was hell!! I had to study really hard and that resulted me pulled myself out of dramaland for 3 weeks.

Because of my wifi that always has problem, I missed like TONS of dramas. Now, because this is my long holiday I’m thinking about catching up everything I’ve missed. I’m currently following Birth of a Beauty, Healer, Pinocchio, and Dr. Frost. I’m loving these 4 babies so far. They keep me entertained and all.

There are so many dramas that I’m planning to watch thanks to my dear wifi! (this is sarcastic comment). I have like hundreds already but below are those that I prioritize. In no particular order, those are:

  1. The Chaser (SBS, 2012)

Yes I know I know. This is an old drama which aired back in mid 2012. I’ve been planning to watch this drama since last year but couldn’t make it since I had a big ass list of dramas that I was watching in 2014. And you also know that I dropped a lot too lol

  1. Three Musketeers (tvN, 2014)

An amazing drama (said by others) from tvN last year. Have you guys watched this? Even though this is sageuk but I’m not quite sure about this one. I don’t even know the synopsis this because I’m not sure whether I’m going to watch this or not. I think I’m going to give it a shot but most likely I’m going to drop it lol but I don’t know. But the poster is very promising, right?!

  1. Misaeng (tvN, 2014)

Okay, knets said this is one of best dramas in 2014 but most international viewers do not recommend this. It’s said to have super draggy plot. Everything was going very slow and the setting is damn boring too. One of my friends told me! She watched the pilot ep but couldn’t bring herself to watch the second ep because it was damn boring! People (and me) always say “pilot episode is either a hit or miss. The drama seems like a one boring drama because of the pilot ep but the story mostly will pick up few eps after it.” but the problem with Misaeng is…. the story did not get excited until the end of the run -_- My friends who finished until the end said it. Now I don’t know whether I should watch this or not.

  1. Reset (OCN, 2014)

This drama replaced God Quiz Season 4 which I watched kkkkk (Donghae was one of the casts yall. That’s why I watched God Quiz). I didn’t care at all about OCN’s dramas since… they’re cable lol. That’s first. Second, OCN’s dramas are all the same, crime or some elite medical, investigating dramas! It’s like the CEO of OCN is a big fan of crimes and criminals x.x Since Dr. Frost that replaced Reset seems really good that’s why I want to give Reset a shot. Even though the pairing is a bit….. errrrrrrrr

  1. Bad Guys (OCN, 2014)

Alright, badass ahjusshis are all in this. The sole reason why I want to watch this lol. I have this high respect towards veteran actors that’s why when the trailer came out (the trailer/promotional photos already out when God Quiz was still airing, Bad Guys photos were plastered all over OCN blog so that’s why I know this drama lol.) I felt the urge to watch this but couldn’t make it since waiting for subbed vids for OCN dramas is cactus in the ass! It doesn’t come out regulary! Damn it!

  1. The King’s Face (KBS, 2014)

Another sageuk from KBS in 2014!!! Gotta be honest, the promotional poster for this drama sucks! King and his heir siting together and making such pose…. Nay. Maybe they want to show a different side of sageuk? The comical side maybe? But that’s not how to show it. The poster is the biggest turn-off why I didn’t follow this drama. It’s still airing right? ah no worries, I’m just going to marathon it ahahah.

  1. Modern Farmer (SBS, 2014)

Watch the first two episodes, the first is a total errrrrrrr the second episode was okay. My brain still could comprehend. I should finish this drama asap since Honey Lee is such a cutiepie here. Totally different 180o than her previous dramas.

  1. It’s Okay, It’s Love (SBS, 2014)

Yes, you heard me right. I haven’t watched It’s Okay! When it was its run I was busy with Joseon Gunman and dropped Fated. I thought that I would just forget this drama’s existence since I’m not their audience too but my friends keep on saying that this is a great drama that explodes with charms and good looking people LOL. So I guess I’m going to watch this.

These are just those that I prioritize, but I don’t know whether I’m going to stick with this list or not since I’m not a left-brain person who follows everything that I’ve planned the day before lol. There are a lot more dramas that I want to watch during the holiday (as seen on this page) not just these eight above. 2012 dramas from the list are begging to be watched since they’ve waited for two years already ahahah .

Oh I just knew this news that Lee Yeon Hee and Cha Seung Won will be working together on a MBC drama called Splendid Politics. It’s still working title, not settled down yet. It’s a sageuk  and it’s a 50-ep drama. 50 friggin episodes…. Cha Seung Won is not a type of actor who chooses long term project but maybe the script is that damn good that’s why he chose it. Smelling Empress Ki successor?

That’s all for now. Once again Happy New Year everyone!!

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