Birth of a Beauty [review]

Birth of a Beauty [review]

“A tree that overcame being split is so strong it’s hard to saw it down. People are like that too. People who overcame pain are strong.” – Han Tae Hee (Birth of a Beauty)

Ahjumma is damn pretty and that makes three men go crazy over her and she gets a bad bad bad headache because of that. /sighs/ Being pretty is difficult.

What an opening words I write there! But this is the reality of our generation. Being ugly is a crime and being pretty is also a crime. What do people notice/see when they’re meeting someone new? Appearance! That’s right. So that’s why we –especially women-  pay most of our attention to improve our look/appearance so that we can leave deep impression when meeting new people. Just like the first episode of Birth of a Beauty shows, our society is cruel enough to ignore someone who doesn’t look “pretty” even when she needs help (remember the bus scene?). But this doesn’t apply to everyone, I’m just taking an example.

Birth of a Beauty ended its run a week ago (11th Jan, 2015) and I so sorry I should have posted this since Tuesday last week but I was so lazy (lol, you guys should know that my procrastinate level is up there in the sky). So happy that it’s a happy ending for our OTP. The drama as a whole is entertaining, but it’s a romcom, what you expect?


CAST + ACTING + IMPRESSION (10 out of 10)
What a great casting! No eyesore at all also with some eyecandy casts we had it’s another plus point.

Han Ye Sul as Sa Geum Ran aka Sara

ep 18 (2)

In some scenes she looked extremely uncomfortable, mouth-smiling only and kinda awkward… I’m not bashing I’m just saying my opinion. But as a whole she’s great in portraying her character. Sara was a cheerful, lively woman who wass hurt deeply because of her past. Han Ye Seul managed to pull it off very well in portraying both sides of Sara (Sa Geum Ran).

Joo Sang Wook as Han Tae Hee
Am I really not updated with his work or is it right that he takes this type of role pretty often? The last time was Sly and Single Again, before it was Paradise Ranch and now it’s Birth of a Beauty. Yes, he did Good Doctor, TEN before Sly. But he pretty often takes this type of role and it’s not really good for him. But anyways, as always, Joo Sang Wook  gives his best. He was excellent in Birth. ps, i just realized that i don’t have his screeencap omg

Han Sang Jin as Han Min Hyuk

ep 17 (1)

I was rooting for Min Hyuk x Ahjumma pairing because they looked so good together but I knew it’d never happen since Min Hyuk is the bad guy here. When Min Hyuk was head over heels for Ahjumma he was so lovely and cute, just like any other guys out there who’s falling in love but once something triggered his anger he became a beast, he looked really scary.

CINEMATOGRAPHY (7 out of 10)

ep 12 (1)

Just like any other dramas, the cinematography was just standard. Not that bad but also not that brilliant. What I liked was that they did a proper job in zooming(?) so that laptop screen is not entirely cover by the actors’ faces *cough* it’s okay it’s love *cough cough*.

The other thing that I liked the most was Ahjumma’s sense of fashion! Oh god, she was walking advertisement lol. You can see Marc Jacobs, Saint Laurent, Christian Lauboutin, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, and many more!

PLOT/STORYLINE (8 out of 10)
Uh what happened here? The story was extremely good on the first 4 episodes after that the story was lost in the mountain. At first Sara wanted to reunite with Kang Jun(ex-husband) and i thought that it was pretty silly because however Kang Jun kicked her out of his life. I was okay with this idea because let’s be honest, love is blind. Once you’re really in love with someone, you’re not sane anymore. And that’s just how Ahjumma  was like.

Then Ahjumma found out the dirty truth behind her “death” and wanted to seek revenge. Damn, this was the best part of the show! Then they dragged it out until the end.

The drama was boring after ep 10 or so, just like other dramas but the problem with this was, Birth was a 20-ep drama (extended by 1 ep thanks to SBS year-end ceremony!) They should have gone with 16 episodes because it was really boring towards the end. Some scenes were so exciting and funny, yes, but most of the scenes were boring and unnecessary. I think it’s because the OTP started realizing their feeling to each other (doesn’t mean I’m against this pairing. Falling in love is not a sin lol) and because of that the revenge aspect was being forgotten plus Tae Hee started to make his moves to get back what he had lost (read: Winner).

I thought that we would get some love square problems here but I guess we didn’t get to see it. It would be cool though. Just imagine that Kang Jun until the end still wanted to be together with Ahjumma and Min Hyuk still loved Ahjumma no matter what. It’d be so entertaining to watch! Well I guess my imagination is too wild lol.

The writer gave us thriller and comedy in the same time without overlapping one another and I think that it’s really excellent. For example, on episode 4. Ahjumma cried her eyes out on the first half then the comedy on the latter half was ridiculously hilarious. The comedy aspect in this drama was really great I have to admit. But if only we got a little bit more complex problem them woot woot Birth would be one of those dramas that’s worth remembering for years!

ep 6 (1)

ep 13 (1)

OST (9 out of 10)
W H O A!! 2 CD with total of 44 tracks! They released the album a week late, they just released it hours ago today (19th Jan 2015). If you have genie code you can listen to the whole album on Genie here . I haven’t listened to the VA tracks since I only have 40 plays left on my genie account. I’m just going to wait patiently until the songs are uploaded to youtube T_T

Overall rating :  8.5 out of 10
Will I Watch it Again? YES!!

ep 10


NOTE: I’ve finished watching Pinocchio and Pride and Prejudice (which i followed every week) since last week but i haven’t posted my review yet i was so damn lazy last week because i marathoned 2 dramas which were The Chaser and It’s Okay, It’s Love. Pride and Prejudice review will be posted tomorrow -Tuesday- and Pinocchio will be posted the day after tomorrow -Wednesday-. Bad Guys review will be posted some day next week and currently watching Misaeng and i’m planning to post a review of it.

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