Bad Guys [review]

Bad Guys [review]


“True happiness is that, when you’re happy it makes others around you happy as well. That’s how you should be as a human.” – Oh Gu Tak (Bad Guys)

OCN’s Bad Guys ended its run last month (13 December 2014) and easily snatched #1 crown of best release in 2014 on my list! Undoubtedly, one of the best dramas ever produced!

Badass ahjussis + strong plot + fab cinematography and details = what else can you ask for! Bad Guys is sending other dramas with same/similar genre as them a Christmas card with “Shame On You” word written on it. And their contenders shouldn’t get mad because they are nothing compared to Bad Guys. The intensity of this drama didn’t falter one bit and kept you on edge every time.

The drama was too violent for me with so many gory parts, knives, gangster fights and all. Episode 1 was an okay, it wasn’t too violent since they were introducing the casts and building up the story. Episode 2 was…. OH MY GOSH. I had to skipped some scenes because I couldn’t take it anymore.


They did censor those knives, blood and cuts(victims’ bodies) but you knew exactly what was happening and censoring those didn’t help at all! It was really terrifying. Especially that scene where two sisters were sleeping and the serial killer murdered one of them. I mean, wasn’t it too scary??!! The latter episodes were not as violent as episode 2 and 3 as the story got deeper into our four leads’ dark past and troubles they had to face when they were out of the jail and did their job as “Special Team” (forgot the name lol) but knives, blood, fighting, killing, and all sort of violent were still there.

One advice, if you’re planning to watch this series, just hang on until ep 3, you just need to survive the extreme gory part only until episode 3. After that you can enjoy the drama to the fullest without worrying about mega violent scenes.

CAST + ACTING + IMPRESSION (10 out of 10)
Kim Sang Joong as Oh Gu Tak

ep 1 (4)

ep 1 (3)

He was the main reason why I watched the series! When God’s Quiz S4 was still airing. Bad Guys posters were plastered all over OCN’s blog and I got really curious since hey, it’s King Sang Joong!! He was enough reason for me to start and keep watching. And should we criticize his acting? Why we should? You guys know that he’s one of the best veteran actors out there. His charisma, his presence, his gaze, everything for an actor that you could ask for! His acting was so wondrous. I didn’t know he could portray such a sweet father but he did and it was so excellent! Then after his daughter’s death we could see how Kim Sang Joong delivered anger, hatred, sadness, guilt, grief episode per episode. His crying scene was daebak. I saw real snot… It was real snot, right? O_O

And now to our three criminals:

ep 6

Park Hae Jin as Lee Jung Moon

ep 1 (1)

ep 1 (2)

While marathoning Bad Guys I also watched Family Outing with Park Hae Jin(as fixed guest) to keep myself sane and to remind myself that there were still these things called happiness and laughter out there LOL! I couldn’t understand why he took this role as a psychopath (and criminal) and act all dark which was not like his personality that he showed on Family Outing. But I was wrong. Man, this guy could even act as a psychopath! Most of time he only wore an expressionless face but ep 10 and 11 he finally wore various expressions and slayed us all. He was a psychopath killer who didn’t know what had happened 2 years ago and as he slowly got to know the truth he became like a lost puppy.

Ma Dong Seok as Park Woong Cheol

ep 3 (1)

He was a right-hand man of a gangster boss, not exactly a gangster though, they were more organized but not yet mafia level lol. Back to the topic, he was a right-hand man of an underground Seoul owner, the most organized and biggest underground gangster. Whoa what a position he once had. He went to the jail as “exchange” of his boss and Gu Tak’s illegal deal. Even while in jail he was feared by the cops (?? How to call those cops who work at the jails?). His fist was said to be as hard as steel. What I liked the most of his character was, he was loyal. He was loyal to his guts. He stopped being a killer and gangster but he became a gangster again to save his big brother and to help Oh Gu Tak a lil bit.


Jo Dong Hyuk as Jung Tae Soo

ep 7

The third character I pitied the most after Gu Tak and Jung Moon. He was once a killer for hire who was able to kill people without leaving any traces. He went to the jail by himself out of guilt but while serving his punishment he was also hired to kill Jung Moon but he didn’t. Gu Tak chose him because he had skill and he did have skill. I think that his story with that wife of the last person he killed was very heartbreaking, and glad that he seek for forgiveness at the end. He portrayed guilt in such an emotional way oh my god.


CINEMATOGRAPHY (10 out of 10)
The best. Undoubtedly the best! All scenes were so detailed and so great to watch. The camerawork, the quality, places they chose, the details, you could see clearly that they put all their best on every scene. They started the filming on mid July and the first episode aired in October so they had plenty of time to give only the best for the viewers.


Scenes I remember the most are: 1) On ep 1 when Tae Soo and Woong Cheol were chasing Jung Moon. The racing scene was so sleek and felt like I was watching a Hollywood movie! 2) on ep 8(?) when Tae Soo were fighting bear handed while his colleague who had knive on his hand. That scene blew me away. The camerawork was so good!!


PLOT/STORYLINE (10 out of 10)
Every episode was so nerve wracking. You had no idea where the writer would take you to. I liked that they stayed at the time being and gave us one full episode explaining what happened 2 years ago before the current time. It was perfectly done, I liked it. And the fact that that special episode was placed nearing the end of the show which was episode 9, 180deg different from other dramas, what made the effect extra powerful. On ep 9, we learned everything about our 4 lead’s dark past, giving us a clearer vision why they were like that. And this special episode didn’t ruin the atmosphere, in fact it was really brilliant of the writer how s/he kept everything under her/his sleeve and only explained to us all the details only 2 episodes away from the final episode. Other dramas either put it as their early episodes or keep on putting these flashback in the episodes from beginning to end, both methods most of the time ruin the flow of the drama.

EP 9


I liked how every character had their own dark secret but because of that too, they grown so much as a man and became friends with one another. I liked how them four were intertwined to one another ever since the beginning. How clever was that!


The twist in characters was also brilliant. Oh Gu Tak who was a protagonist became an antagonist and Lee Jung Moon who was an antagonist became the protagonist one. And how ridiculous it was and I was really angry knowing the fact that this whole time Jung Moon and Oh Gu Tak was being used by Prosecutor Oh who was in charge of Jung Moon’s first murder. Prosecutor Oh was the evil from start to finish and that’s disgusting a real serial killer like him is a prosecutor who had power in korea law system.


I really like episode 10, it was when their trust in one another was being question (thanks to wicked Prosecutor Oh and stupid Inspector Yoo!). Their anger (Tae Soo and Woong Cheol) drove them crazy and they chased Gu Tak and Jung Moon like their leader was called, Mad Dog. A life lesson learned. You MUST NOT use your brain only or heart only to decide on something important. Use both! Like they did.


Not only that one life lesson, actually Bad Guys taught so many life lesson. Loyalty, boldness, bravery, justice, friendships, and the most important one was not all “bad guys” out there are really bad guys. Many of “good guys” are the real bad guys!


As a whole, Bad Guys took Korean drama (crime, action in specific)  to a whole new level of greatness. You must watch this! Seriously, you won’t regret, you can keep my words.


Are you guys hoping for season 2? Because I am! I don’t know tho, season 2 could potentially ruin the whole Bad Guys flow but it’s all up to the writer and OCN. But looking at the past works of the writer, Han Jung Hoon, there’s a possibility that Bad Guys will have a season two. S/he wrote Vampire Prosecutor which up to now there are 2 seasons. And also, since Bad Guys left us an open ending the possibility of a season two is very high kkkk

ep 10


OST (7 out of 10)
Most of the time the BGM doesn’t suit the scene which made me LOL-ed so hard.


Overall rating : 10 out of 10. Should be 9.25 since 37/4 is 9.25 lol but cant let my heart hurt so much seeing 9.25 mark. I just have to give Bad Guys a perfect 10 out of 10
Will I Watch it Again? YESH!!!!!!!!

you may notice that if a show is my fav then i have tons of caps and bts also stills. if i dont really like the show then i have super limited caps and no bts/stills lol


tongsis merajalela. entah gue harus bangga atau malu



that gaze of his /screams






and see you guys on your next project!!! ❤

And you can call me with my nickname, redliff 🙂

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