Kill Me, Heal Me ep 8 BTS & Stills

Hello guys!!

Kill Me, Heal Me is seriously a masterpiece! Ji Sung is just the embodiment of pure awesomeness. Thank God Hyun Bun and Lee Seung Gi rejected the offer, Ji Sung is just the perfect fit for the role.

Who says Perry Park is the best, it’s Ahn Yo Na everyone! I’ve never thought an ahjussi would look super cute in school uniform omggggg. I was so surprised how Ji Sung could do all 6 characters so well. He transforms to different characters with not only his different gaze, but also different gesture, how he speak, the tone. For example for Perry Park, he gives off funny vibe and he speaks like a countrified ahjussi. For Ahn Yo Na, his gaze is like he’s flirting (LOL) and he speaks like an ahjumma who’s still young at heart (double LOL). For Cha Do Hyun, he has that calm and tender gaze and the way he speaks is also very calm.

Ep 8 is not the best ep of all 8, simply because every each episode is beyond amazing in every aspect. And also congrats on hitting double digit rating!!

Let’s enjoy the fluttering, cute and funny stills from episode 8 ❤

anddddddddd, extra 2 photos that he/his manager uploaded to his weibo



When Lee Bo Young was watching this episode last night, i bet she was wondering if this man was really her husband lol.

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