The King’s Face [dropped]

The King’s Face – DROPPED

Even though the promotional posters and stills didn’t make me interested in any way, I somehow managed to watch The King’s Face thanks to my curiousity about how this drama would portray Gwanghae and people around him and how the political situation was. After watching 7 episodes I finally came to a conclusion, this drama was not worth watching.

I do believe that marathoning a drama is an effective way to know whether the drama worth watching or not. By marathoning, you can see clearly if a drama is too draggy/boring, the plot/execution is lacking or not, and you can see any other details that you cannot see/feel when you have to wait for one whole week to watch 2 new episodes. This is my personal opinion and I’m not saying this is true and everyone should follow me.

I DID marathon The King’s Face and and watched 7 episodes in two days. 7th episode was my limit, couldn’t go any further, didn’t want to watch any further. Up to episode 2 all of my excitement just disappeared into the thin air. It was boring, very boring. I couldn’t make myself sit down in front of my laptop and just focus on watching ep 3-7. I watched the series while doing other things like playing games on my smartphone *oops*

The whole thing about that royal book about a face a king should had was ridiculous (at least for me). What a face reader had told the King when he was younger triggered hatred and insecurity which blinded him and he became so paranoid. And it was not comfortable to watch!

Seo In Guk (Prince Gwanghae)’s acting was super fab! He wasn’t afraid of losing his flower boy image. Is he considered a flower boy? Jo Yoon Hee (Kim Ga Hee) /sighs/ idk guys. I couldn’t stand her visually and vocally. Her face is not a face  that I consider pretty (I’m not saying she’s ugly) but her face is a type of face that I hate because the face looks so stiff and not friendly. She lacked charisma too in this drama. Her voice really annoyed me. I didn’t know what happen, I liked her on Nine  though.

Lee Sung Jae (King Seonjo)’s acting didn’t appeal to me. I blamed Secret Door’s King Yeongjo played by Han Suk Kyu for this one. Han Suk Kyu played his role beautifully, full of charisma and it connected with our –my- heart which Lee Sung Jae failed to do so. Don’t get me wrong please, both of them are excellent actors but Han Suk Kyu set the standard bar way too high. It’s really a disadvantage for The King’s Face because it’s a drama that I watched after Secret Door and this, what happened.

I listened to their OST part 1 which consists of few tracks( instrumentals and none of them caught my attention. Extra reason to drop the drama.

You guys know that I’m a loyal sageuk drama. But I couldn’t find that spark to make my stay that’s why I dropped the drama. It’s a shame that I gave up on this sageuk drama. Because as we know, when it comes to sageuk, KBS is def on the highest level compared to other tv stations. KBS last wed-thu sageuk drama which was Joseon Gunman was unbelievably  amazing and The King’s Face was a disappointment for me.

Not entirely their fault tho, the casts were all amazing, it was from KBS, the plot was not weak but I couldn’t find a strong reason why I had to keep watching. The excitement, the thrill, they lacked so much.

I’m still a sageuk love sageuk

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