Update of my holiday-must-watch-dramas list + Thank You Misaeng!

Update of my holiday-must-watch-dramas list + a little update of everything

reset ep 8

My holiday is only two weeks left! Time does fly so fast. It feels it was just yesterday I wrote my “must watch dramas during holiday” post which was more than one month ago but now I only have (LESS than) two weeks left and I don’t know what should I do with my life! I have to enjoy every single second of my holiday because may be next year I won’t be able to have this long holiday anymore. I need to work, need to earn money, be a 9 to 5 employee.

This post is a little update of my holiday-must-watch-dramas list. I’m only posting brief review of every drama I’ve watched so far from that list plus a little update of currently airing dramas that I’m following plus a little update of everything that’s been haunting me since I watched Misaeng.

Shall we start? 🙂

So far I’ve watched (from the first to last drama I watched):

  1. Bad Guys (OCN, 2014)

ep 10

Badass ahjussis are bad guys but aren’t bad people. They’re bad guys with dignity. Feel a little bit guilty calling them badass ahjussis because their maknae, Lee Jung Moon (played by Park Hae Jin) is no way an ahjussi. He’s still an oppa lolololol. What a brilliant, amazing, nerve wracking drama! Words cannot describe how perfect this drama is! Beyond amazing! If you’re looking for a high quality drama (acting, plot, cinematography) go for this one. You won’t regret spending your time watching this. Satisfied guaranteed! Read my full review here

  1. The King’s Face (KBS, 2014-2015)

I dropped this drama and do not regret it. I even regret why I watched this drama only to waste my time. Read my reasons here

  1. The Chaser (SBS, 2012)

It’s still on hold tho. I’ve watched until ep 6 or 7 (or 8?? Can’t remember X_X) When I first watched this I was so surprised by the difference in cinematography/camerawork/quality of The Chaser and Bad Guys. The Chaser was like an amateur next to Bad Guys. Bad Guys seriously raised my expectation bar to the highest level ever. The Chaser started off so strong, I liked its first episode but the following episodes felt a little bit boring. The typical high position people and their evil schemes theme started to bore me. I don’t know whether I’ll be picking this up again or completely drop this since Kim Sang Joong and Son Hyun Joo are the leads but the drama is kind of boring.

  1. It’s Okay, It’s Love (SBS, 2014)

At the beginning it wasn’t very comfortable to watch with all the sex talks but as the episode went on, It’s Okay won my heart. Thumbs up for the writer-nim. What a beautiful piece of perfection. Their final episode totally broke my heart and in the same time made me smile really wide especially when Jae Yeol washed Kang Woo’s feet and even put his shoes on. It was when Jae Yeol finally let go of everything that had been hurting him all those years. It’s very a recommended drama. What a perfection! Watch! To download the OST click here

  1. Misaeng (tvN, 2014)

ep 8 (3)

Unlike what my friends had told me before, this drama was far from boring! It was not bad at all. The drama was realistic and close to the reality in working field. I’ve been a part timer/apprentice in a company which was almost in the same field like “One International” and Misaeng portrayed the working field perfectly. Everyone at the company I used to work for worked their asses off 6 out of 7 days, from 8 to 4 even some of them were used to work until past 7pm. Crazy! This drama is not for those who are looking for fun, romance, comedy, this is a drama which gives you better understanding of what actually happens once you work in a big trading company, the struggle, the pain, the meaning of friendship, what’s actually happening in working field, the reality. This is also a very recommended drama. To download the OST click here

  1. Reset (OCN, 2014)

reset ep 10

Oh boy, with their OCN title tbh they disappointed me. I have very high expectation since it’s from OCN but their first episode failed to capture me, unlike Bad Guys, Dr. Frost and God’s Quiz. The drama as a whole was not-so-much entertaining as Cha Woo Jin (played by Chun Jung Myung) character was very irritating to begin with. But the storyline was on another level compared to most of dramas. It was brilliant how the writer, Jang Hyuk Rin, could come up with the idea of that terrifying “X” mark, sealed memories and all. But the writing towards the end was frustrating especially when Cha Woo Jin was in the prison. The gory parts were such a turn off (side eyeing Chairman Kim character). While watching I couldn’t help but kept comparing Reset to Bad Guys and realized that Bad Guys was such a masterpiece. I couldn’t help it!!

That’s it! from 8 dramas I’ve only watched 6 so far, haven’t gotten a chance to start watching Modern Farmer and Three Musketeers. Let’s say, I am lazy to watch those two dramas but I cant find a reason why I’m lazy! I’ve watched 2 eps of MF  tho. And apparently I watched Liar Game (Korean version) first instead of MF and TM lol. Going to post a review of it after I finish watching the Japanese version.

ep 8 (1)

Now, let’s move on to my “currently watching” list. List of dramas that’s currently airing and I’m following.

First we have, Healer. The first half of the drama isn’t that strong, it feels kind off boring at times but def gets better after ep 11. Long phone conversation is the major reason why the drama is so boring at times. This is personal opinion. Tied to second place we have Heart to Heart and Kill Me, Heal Me and I regret watching these two!!! Waiting for a whole week to watch 2 new episodes is a pure torture for me!!! I should have marathoned these babies later but I couldn’t help. Ji Sung is slaying, Hwang Jung Eum is slaying, Choi Kang Hee is slaying, Chun Jung Myung is slaying. How to stay patience?

I’m planning to watch Shine or Go Crazy Jang Hyuk whoooo! Plus Honey Lee and Oh Yeon Seo.

And also Jykle, Hyde and Me. but I don’t know yet. People said it’s a boring drama, the pilot ep definitely. Plus what the writer did really turned me off. S/he said KMHL writer stole her/his idea. Ahahahha fuck, are you mad because you lost in viewer ratings?

If you’re following my twitter (want to follow? Here here ihihi) you must know that 2 or 3 weeks ago I started to re-watched Summer’s Desire a 2010 taiwanese drama. I first watched the series back in 2011/2010 when it was aired on one of our local tv stations (ikan terbang lol) and out of the blue I had that urge to rewatch the series back in dec last year. I didn’t understand why I wanted to rewatch it but yes, I rewatched it! Haven’t finished it though, since I have so many kdramas that I need to watch.

When I finally had time to rewatch Summer’s Desire I giggled so hard and couldn’t stop smiling the entire episode even though ep 1 and 2 were kind of boring and no romance scene! Omg!! you guys!! It had been 4 years since I last watched a taiwanese drama (last one was Skip Beat/Extravagant Challenge) and you guys just don’t understand how much feels and excitements I felt while watching it!!! I was just too happy that finally I was able to watch a Taiwanese drama again even though it was a drama that I have watched before. I only watched Taiwanese dramas until that ikan terbang tv station started airing Korean dramas and I learned a brand new world called kdramaland. LOL!

There is one Taiwanese drama that I’m interested to watch, it’s called Someone Like You.

The storyline is cliché tho, just like a angsty Korean drama would be. I bet there will be tons of crying scene. Heck, that’s so my style! I haven’t watched it yet, it’s still ep 4 there in Taiwan, going to watch it on the last week of its run since I don’t want to wait every week for only one new episode. Yes, you heard me right. Only one episode every week.

ep 8 (2)

Now, let me voice out my anxiety. Since I watch Misaeng I just don’t know what I feel. Until now, this anxiety doesn’t leave me. it’s more like fear tbh. I fear of what I will face once I enter the working life, my future. If everything follows my plan, then early next year I must start looking for job. I’m majoring in accounting, auditing to be exact, then I’ll be ready to be just an accountant or an auditor. It’s up to me, whether I choose to work as a regular accountant or work as an auditor. I want to be an auditor, to be specific, to be a public accountant who works at a big Public Accountant Company and I want to do/give professional audit service to clients and such which I heard is far from the word “easy”. I also want to get that Certified Public Accountant title. But in order to get that title, I must work at least 4 years in a KAP (Kantor Akuntan Publik – Public Accountant Firm). Not just working for 4 years, I have to pass many types of test. Even after earning that CPA title, our connection has to be strong (read: know many people who can help to find clients or know companies in need of KAP’s help to give them audit service).

In conclusion, it’s a tough climb to be a public accountant. Twice harder than just being an accountant. But I do not want to be a regular accountant who works for a company. I have big dreams and I want to work to make it happen.

Misaeng reminded me a lot to my future. Like indirectly whispered to me “you got to be a CPA” or “don’t you want to be a human?”

And in Misaeng they talked few times about incomplete and complete life. And for me, my life is still incomplete. I’m not a human yet. If you understand bahasa, human here doesn’t mean manusia it means orang. Kata lebih rendahnya. I’m not a human yet. Saya belum menjadi orang. I’m still incomplete. Saya masih belum lengkap. I’m not a human yet.

In order to become a human I have to have a bright carrier, I have to make sure that my family won’t have any financial problem. When I achieve that, then I can call myself a “human”, “orang”.

My lecturer once said this, “Kalian belum jadi orang. Kerja, bahagiain orangtua, jabatan tinggi, uang banyak, bangun keluarga, jadi orang yang berguna buat Negara. Kalo semua uda tercapai, kalian baru bisa bangga bilang kalau kalian uda jadi orang.

Which translates,

“You are not yet human. Work, make your parents happy, have high position (in the company you work for), lots of money, have your own family, be a useful citizen for your country. If all these achieved, then you can proudly call yourself as a human.”

What he said hit me hard! We are all still incomplete, just like what Misaeng told us! Then scenes in Misaeng terrified me. What if my colleagues hated me, what if I had to work overnight, what if I couldn’t keep up and all. I don’t want to be 9-5 employee for the rest of my life. I don’t want to work like a dog for the rest of my life. That’s why I must work hard, climb up the ladder so later, after working hard for years I can reap the fruit of my hard work.

Lastly, this is me and also for everyone out there who are about to enter the working field or already entered, the beginning is sure hard. But this hard beginning is what helps us to become a “human”. You’ll see the rainbow somehow, when it’s time to enjoy the privilege of your hard work.

For all of us, FIGHTING!!!

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