Monthly Review – March 2015

Very First Post on March 2015!!!

 Shoot!! Time flies so fast! It’s March already! It feels like it’s 2014 yesterday! Oh well, how are you guys? I’ve been fine, and thankfully I’m still sane LOL. This semester my college started with a bang and I’m enjoying it so far, and I know I’ll be enjoying this semester until the end /hopefully/

Last year I started this topic, which is Monthly Review but after the first post I didn’t feel like doing the second post and only yesterday I decided to continue this topic again. Writing has been my passion ever since I could remember and it’s so much fun writing and posting something to this blog knowing that, maybe, a bunch of people who share the same interest with me enjoy reading my posts.

Anyways, any of you have watch Blood? I picked the drama up because the trailer was so damn good (that one teaser that’s played at the end of Healer). Their first episode was so good. It started off with a strong and clear storyline. It easily sucked me in, and I WAS IN! Despite of the “insult” of netizens about the two leads’ acting, I watched the second episode and I regretted I did that. I dropped it right away and not going to pick it up. It was definitely good, everything was good except the acting from Go Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun. Ahn was good on YWCS and You’re All Surrounded but he is not ready for lead roles yet. He needs to practice his acting first. The thing is, not all models can act and casting directors should know this. Ahn has the face to support his vampire role but he lacks charisma and acting skills.

The same goes with Go Hye Sun. I didn’t watch Angel Eyes but people said she was really good on it and it’s just such a disappointment that she’s back to her Geum Jan Di days. If YG allows and supports her on everything she works on, why don’t they send her to acting class before starting a drama X_X It’s such a shame tho, the plot seems so engaging and it’s so refreshing to watch this type of drama in kdramaland but the two leads are hopeless /sighs/.

I’m gonna quote what my friend said. She said something like this, “Dari Ji Chang Wook ke dia. Ampun deh, gap nya jauh banget.” Kkkkk I’m not going to translate it to English.

ep 2

Now, into dramas that I’m currently following. First we have the fabulous Kill Me Heal Me. Can’t believe that we only have 4 episodes left. I do not want this show to come to an end T_T Ji Sung is the embodiment of pure awesomeness! So far he has portrayed 5 personalities; Cha Do Hyun, Shin Se Gi, Ahn Yo Sub, Ahn Yoo Na, and Perry Park. I’m curious if the writer-nim will ever let us see Nana and Mr. X. And the last episode is a total menboong! Cha Do Hyun is not Cha Do Hyun, Oh Ri Jin is not Oh Ri Jin!! MENBOONG!!

cl's menboong

Second, we have Heart to Heart.

ep 3

My friends don’t watch this drama, when asked some said the plot didn’t spark their interest and some said they didn’t even know this drama existed O_O If you happen to be in the second category, there is a drama called Heart to Heart starring Choi Kang Hee and Chun Jung Myung that’s currently airing on tvN, everyone . If you happen to be in the first category, give it a try. The two leads are so cute together, the second male lead is a hottie and the twist is totally unpredictable (even though  some said it’s makjang but it’s not for me LOLOLOLOL).

The third place is Shine or Go Crazy’s place. Can’t believe it’s already episode 12. I started watching the drama with really low expectation and that’s why I don’t feel any disappointment. The last episode (episode 12) was such a roller coaster ride! They made us laugh but we shed tears the next second. It was really good! Lee Ha Nui’s tone tho. It’s really distracting I don’t even know why.

Last but not the least, I’m following a Taiwanese drama called Someone Like You.

ep 5 (1)

It’s really good but it’s also a cactus in the ass! It’s a 20-episode drama but new episode comes out once every week. Yes, only one episode per week. WHAT A CACTUS! I started watching solely for the storyline, damn, it’s so my style! But it happened that the two leads, Kingone Wang and Lorene Ren, sucked me in even much further. Please know that this drama is the first t-drama I watch in the last 4 years! So having a t-drama in my now watching list felt really awkward at first but thankfully it’s worth it even though their latest episode (episode 7) was really weak compared to the first 6 episodes.

Now, let’s dive a little bit deeper. So… I have so many dramas that I’ve watched but haven’t posted the review. I’m still trying to finish Liar Game s2 and once I finish that I can post my Liar Game review that’s including Liar Game Japanese version s1 and s2 plus the Korean version. And oh my god, guys, you won’t believe me but I’m marathon-ing a t-drama called In A Good Way. OH MY GOSH. I can’t watch more than one episode everyday because I have so much to do /college stuff you know/ but I’m trying hard to finish it and also Liar Game s2.

I’m not going to watch Punch even though it’s the genre that I like. Actually…. It’s more like I’m tired of watching heavy dramas lately. I tended to gravitate toward heavy dramas in the past but recently I just want to watch light, funny dramas which me in the past would totally stayed away from. I think this happens because I marathoned Bad Guys, Misaeng, Liar Game (JP KR), P&P, Reset almost in the same time so I felt really frustrated (and depressed lol) so that’s why I want to entertain myself with light-hearted dramas now. There’s possibility that I will watch Hyde, Jekyll and I in the future, reading reaction from netizens regarding its latest episode made me want to give it a try. That tvN’s new drama Hu Go’s Love (?) def I will give it a try.

Alright so I think that it’s enough for this post. I tried my best to keep this short but I couldn’t do it, it’s more than 1100 words already by the way LOL. And if you are still reading, please let me kiss and hug you!


LOVE. YOU. Donghae also says he loves yall!!

Guest House ep 10 (1)

From me and Donghae

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