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“Don’t concert yourself with other people. Only believe the words said by the people who chrish you the most, worry about you the most and love you the most.” – Ko Yi Suk (Heart to Heart)

Heart to Heart finished its duty to entertain us for the last two months and said goodbye with a perfect happy ending for everyone. I picked it up after reading positive comments on NB and decided to give it a try. I remember it vividly, it was a sunny Sunday when I watched the first episode. It was around 1 pm and I had my bengkoang (?? Idk the English and I don’t think there’s an English word for this) mask on LOL! So I watched the first ep and I was hooked! It was pleasant to watch and I without thinking, I watched the second ep right away and oh boy, I was dragged even much further. LOVED the first two eps!

Now, let’s review this drama. And for those who still haven’t watched the show, I warn you this article contains -MAJOR- spoiler.

CAST + ACTING + IMPRESSION (10 out of 10)
Definitely one of the best casting of the year so far (geez we’re only 3 months into 2015). At first I thought it would be uncomfortable to watch Chun Jung Myung since I only watched him in serious-depressed-heavy dramas and that kind of image was his permanent image in my mind until I watched Heart to Heart! He seriously nailed his role as Ko Yi Suk, the #1 stupid psycho, player, pervert, swindler and absolute cutie. This role matched him very well. His acting was flawless and natural.

ep 9 (2)

There’s something about Choi Kang Hee that I don’t really like. Her tone. I don’t even know why. I personally adored her acting in the last quarter of the drama. It was stellar. Also, she was so good when she had to act as her character’s late grandmother. I mean, she nailed! NAILED IT!

ep 10

I squealed everytime Ko Yi Suk grinned at Cha Hong Do it was so cute every single time! and I shipped them together, and the ship was sailing!


Sohee was great. To be honest I was really hesitant to watch the show because of her (plus the leads are not my favs) so I was seriously going to drop this drama. But she did really good for someone whose face ppl said was “expressionless” . She had various expressions you guys! Unnie, I really hope you’ll improve in the future, don’t stop practicing. You certainly have potential to be a great actress in the future. You can hit daebak. That’s why, keep practicing. If you’re still not sure whether your acting is good or not, then choose Ko Se Ro type of role only juseyo. This is for your own benefit.

ep 6

CINEMATOGRAPHY (9 out of 10)
I don’t remember even one scene that made me go “whoa” but they did really good job in editing, choosing the places, camera work and all.

PLOT/STORYLINE (8 out of 10)
The first half of the drama was seriously so much fun to watch. Ko Yi Suk’s stupid psycho, player, pervert, swindler and absolute cutie personality really stood out.  I think it’s a great idea that our female lead was someone who had social phobia (what they called it again?) and she met the #1 psychiatrist in Gangnam (was it Gangnam?), Ko Yi Suk. Even their first encounter was so out-of-this-world. After that Cha Hong Do decided to get treated by Ko Yi Suk and he kept on nagging on her it was so cute!

There’s nothing much happened in the first half (was it 2/3??) of the series. I cant really remember how the story developed but it was all light-hearted, fun, fluffy and cute. The plot got thicker when the one who killed Ko Yi Suk’s brother was “said” to be Cha Hong Do and it started to turn into a makjang. They did part ways and the process of breaking up was so brilliant. It gave the sense of the real break up that normal people would do.

It was a happy ending for everyone, including Ko Yi Suk’s parents. I liked how they learned how to forgive and let go. The real killer was revealed and it was not Cha Hong Do. There were many filler scenes tho (imo) it’s not that I’m complaining but I just couldn’t help but skipped those scenes.

The story was def good but there’s nothing much I can remember. The story didn’t leave big impression to me too. But it’s worth your time if you’re looking for this type of drama. Plus you don’t have to invest your emotions on the characters so much. It was such a light drama.

OST (10 out of 10)
OST list -> http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Heart_to_Heart_OST

I always have a soft spot for tvN’s OSTs. Heart to Heart’s OSTs are so lovely to listen to and it’s also soothing. Each song is different to one another and so refreshing to listen to. Definitely my style! You should listen to them too.  I personally love “Live Lies” by Tearliner ft Zitten.  TearLiner contributed 12 out of 16 songs which makes me question who TearLiner is/are. If you happen to know, pls do let me know!

For instrumental, I think you’re already familiar with track no. 16 which is the opening song- 홍도야 우지 마라- It translates, “Hong Do-ya, don’t cry, oppa has arrived.” LOL when I first knew the translation I laughed so hard. And I think it’s a great idea to set this song as your ringtone LOL!

You may want to listen to track no. 15, 얼어붙은 태양, when you’re having a bad day. It soothes you (well, at least for me).

Overall rating :  9,25 out of 10
Will I Watch it Again? HELL YEAH!


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