Saturday Freebies ♥♥

Hi everyone!! I am back with another freebies for yall. Should have posted this yesterday but yesterday was national holiday here in my country and I wanted to enjoy my day to the fullest by staying away from the internet ><.

It’s Saturday freebies everyone!! Are you excited? Are you curious to know what I am sharing with you guys today? I hope so! These files are few weeks/months/years old so i don’t know whether you already have them in your possession or not. I’m sharing not only songs from dramas but also songs from Hollywood singers and also kpop idols. And hopefully I won’t get reported or blocked LOL.


This album is released around two years ago LOL! But i just want to share this album with you guys because i LOVE many songs on this album like Animal, the killer Flower Power, and one of the best love songs imo All My Love Is For You. 

To download click > here < and if you want to download the HD version o the cover click > here < the resolution is 2502×2471

The extended version of Pure Heroine by Lorde. I ADORE her vocal and her songs are my jam. Consists of 15 songs, surely you have a lot to listen to. My faves are Team, Bravado

To download click > here <

YES! I was once a huge huge huge fan of her. I feel kinda bad that I don’t follow her news after i got into kpop well, i also have to feel bad to my other ex-faves (like Paramore, Adam Lambert, Avril Lavigne etc etc etc etc yes i had A LOT). When Piece by Piece came out i swear i didn’t know that. It was my friend, Olip, who gave me the DL to this album. I promised her to buy the original tho but what can i do, my oppas are sucking up my money T_T My faves are of course Piece by Piece. I actually got teared up few times because of this song and i don’t even understand why! The song is too emotional for me especially knowing the story behind this song. I also like Someone, I Had a Dream, Dance With Me, Nostalgic, Good Goes The Bye, In The Blue, Second Wind, well basically i love all 16 tracks! To download click > here <

Tiger JK sings a song for School 2015, fresh out of the oven! I’m not planning to watch this drama just in case you don’t know. Those who are into k-music must know who Tiger JK is. BTW, jic ydk, MFBTY dropped an album two months ago, make sure to check it out! 🙂 To download/listen to the OST, click > here <

Donghae (Super Junior) promoted this song on twitter and instagram ! Halbae Park Geun Hyung sings this song together with Martian. Idk who Martian is (lol) i downloaded the song because Halbe sings it. Previously, Donghae and Halbae worked together on a drama called Panda and Hedgehog that aired on Channel A. To download/listen to the song called ONE pls click > here <

Oh my Jin Yi Han how i wish i could spare my time to watch this drama (Family Is Coming). I actually googled this drama and not so many reviews about this drama. I read the synopsis too and nah, this is not a type of genre that i like. How i wish i could spare my time to watch this drama, Jin Yi Han!! Anyway, even though i haven’t watched the drama I’ve download the OST and listened to the songs. Out of 18 tracks, I only like few. Track no. 1 돈 Cry is one of those that i like. To download click > here <

I haven’t watched the drama (Hogu’s Love) too!! LOLOLOLOL I, tbh, wanted to watch the drama but one and other things distracted me and i decided not to watch this. Loaded with 21 tracks whew! tvN’s drama soundtracks are always nice to listen to. I’ve only listened once on every song except the one that Kyuhyun sings 너의 별에 닿을 때까지 yes, of course, because I’m hig big fan lolololol. To download click > here <

That’s enough for this week freebies. Hope you enjoy this post and the songs. See you next time!


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