Sensory Couple aka Girl Who Sees Smells [review]

Sensory Couple aka Girl Who Sees Smells [review]

Whooo!! Still can’t believe that Sensory Couple bid their goodbye already. I didn’t want to watch this drama at first (me being very honest) but thanks to Stef, my dear friend, who recommended me this show. I gave it a try and i liked the pilot episode and guess what? I finished this drama! *throws confetti*

I didn’t have any expectation when i pick this up, I gave it a shot solely for my friend, but the pilot episode caught me attention in instant and the next thing i remember is, i marathoned the entire 12 episodes in just 2 days. And i don’t regret it!

CAST + ACTING + IMPRESSION (8.3 out of 10)
Shin Se Kyung was the main reason why i didn’t want to pick this up, originally, I think we all know why. But in this drama she surprised me to the point i couldn’t believe that i was watching Shin Se Kyung. She improved by a mile from her previous work i watched her on (When A Man Loves). She was seriously great, drop-dead gorgeous, she proved herself that she deserved Oh Cho Rim role. I’m a fan from today onward!

I don’t know whether Park Yoo Chun only does this type of role or not. But from I Miss You to Three Days and now Sensory Couple, he picked this detective-like role (police, special guard whatever you call it). I’m not complaining i’m just pointing it out lol. Anyway, he did great. I prefer him in his Choi Moo Gak role instead of the role he had in Three Days and I Miss You. He was extremely cute in those cute scenes he had in this drama. For example; in ep 3

or on ep 15.

Thank you for letting go of your handsome image lolol. You’re still handsome though!

O to the M to he G. Nam Gung Min showed a completely different image from what he showed us on WGM. I know that WGM is scripted but pure emotions cant be scripted *fangirl modes on*. His acting, especially on episode 16, gave me goosebumps. He was so great in portraying a psychopath murderer character. I had my doubts that he wouldn’t be able to pull off that psychopath character because of his WGM image but man, he seriously nailed it. And for me, he stole the drama. He was so great.

CINEMATOGRAPHY (9 out of 10)
More like CG. The CG was good and especially CG on ep 1 (or 2?) when Oh Cho Rim opened her eyes for the first time after the accident. It was daebak. For every different smell they gave different shape and color, making it look like they did their best to represent the smell which i liked so much.

PLOT (7.5 out of 10)
The story was scattered all around.  The story kept getting lost everywhere and then got lost for good at the end. There are still so many unanswered questions especially about Nam Gung Min’s character, Chef Kwon. Why he became a murderer? What were his motives? Why he killed random people? Why he changed his target from Cho Rim to Moo Gak? And i thought Moo Gak said he would resign from his current job and be a diver (is that what you call it?) again?

The script towards the end disappointed me but i liked the first half of the drama because it was different and fresh. The scriptwriter fooled me for good, maybe all of us. I bet you was so sure that the murderer was Chun Baek Kyung right? Because of the pilot episode they showed us his face as the person who chased after Oh Cho Rim. But it turned out that he actually wanted to protect Oh Cho Rim after he learned that his best friend, Chef Kwon, was the bar code serial killer. And i clenched my fists at the fact that Chun Baek Kyung was killed off like that.

There were so many holes in the last episode (again, i’m talking about the last episode. I’m not mad but I am mad, can you understand?) On the previous episodes, Chef Kwon was so clever and all of his plan had 0% failure rate but he so suddenly became so weak and stupid on his last days. It felt like the writer-nim didn’t know what to do with Chef Kwon. In the end the writer-nim made me so dumb and clumsy and killed him off like that…. I mean, if you want to kill him off, then you could do something more. His death was so plain.

The OTP were so cute together. I haven’t read the webtoon (is there eng ver of that?) so i don’t know the detail since most of time the scriptwriters do big changes to the original story. But the OTP were. so. cute. together. period. Some scenes were made only for them, only to cherish the two characters’ love and it was so precious.

the first frame!!!

Also, the other 3 police officers’ characters were well made. Each of them gave extra touch to the story.

OST (9 out of 10)
Inserted nicely, the songs are good and addicting too. I haven’t downloaded even one song song lol. They haven’t released the full album yet! I just checked Genie and they haven’t released the full album meanwhile Falling For Innocence already dropped their full album -and i’m listening to all 26 tracks right now kkkk-.

There is one song that i really want to listen to the full version. That one song that’s in english (or half of it in english). That song caught my attention from the moment i listened to it. Aghhh.

I will be providing the DL once i get my hand on them ❤


Overall Rating: 8.45 out of 10
Will I Watch It Again? YES!

Cho Rim-ah, say yes!!!


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