Love Is In The Air on the 15th ep of Falling For Innocence

Hell yeah, it’s Saturday Night. We (are) gonna party hajikeru gokan. *me shamelessly promoting Super Junior D&E’s Saturday Night* *I’m such a hardcore fan* *promoting oppas’ song in every possible way*

It’s saturday night, the night full with love. And love is in the air on the 15th ep of Falling For Innocence aka Falling For Soon Jung aka Beating Again. It felt like a year waiting for the english subtitle of ep 15. I waited since 5 am this morning for the english subtitle but the sub came out in the evening. Can you imagine my suffering? Anyway, since it came out already i’m so happy.

Ep 15 is filled with so much romantic, fluffy scenes! And I’m happy! No, I’m really happy! Extremely happy! After all what our OTP have faced finally they’are back together, stronger than ever. I giggled the entire episode. There are too many scenes that made my heart weak. To be honest, I had a really hard time choosing one fav scene to make it the blog but this scene convinced me that it deserves to be blogged about. The scene is…… *drum rolls*

ep 15 (2)

ep 15 (3)

Yes, the park scene. The scene where Min Ho and Soon Jung sat down together, Soon Jung still crying because she thought that Min Ho wouldn’t make it. After giving Soon Jung tissue, Min Ho bluntly expressed his feelings which made my heart weak aghhh. So, below is their conversation. And if you’re not watching the drama, I suggest you to keep reading this post until the end. And also, pleaseeeeee watch and give the drama lots of love ❤

Min Ho: From now on don’t go anywhere. I’m not going to let you go.
Soon Jung: Yes.
Min Ho: As much as I suffered during that period of time, I’m going to hassle you to death from your side.
Soon Jung: Yes.
Min Ho: You’re going to stay by my side twenty-four hours and I’m going to hold your hand and I’m never going to let you go. You’re going to stay by my side when I eat, and when I sleep. I’m going to nag you until you die and make you feel sorry to me for the rest of your life.
Soon Jung: Yes.
Min Ho: Though I may not know how other things may turn out, I’ll make one promise to you. I’ll never leave you and go anywhere. So don’t cry.

And the scene ended with a warm hug from Min Ho to Soon Jung awwwww ❤





The last two sentences!! “I’ll never leave you and (will never) go anywhere. So don’t cry.” MY POOR HEART!!!! Jung Kyung Ho‘s deep voice added extra point to the scene. I’m especially weak for men who have deep voice lololololol. And please don’t forget Kyung Ho’s calm gaze!

Ep 15 is filled with lovely, fluffy, weaken heart scenes, not just from the two leads, but also from Wendy and Woo Sik. But there are also heart-wrenching scenes. The sad truth is now brought up to the surface, Min Ho’s body is rejecting the new heart and next episode preview tears my heart to pieces. In the preview, Min Ho passes out for idk reason, that witch who worked previously with Min Ho says something very bitchy to him. Gahhh.

Let’s hope for the best for the finale. I can’t believe that tonight’s episode is the final episode. I don’t want to let Min Ho and Soon Jung go yetttttttttttt. Anyway, JTBC dropped the full OST yesterday. Loaded with 26 tracks, surely one of the best OSTs releases this year (so far). I have listened to all of them thanks to Genie. I’ve tweeted about it too last night kkkkkk If you’re following me, you must already know about it kkkkk.

I’m obsessed with this drama, so i think i will be doing one or more appreciation post in the future about this drama so you can prepare yourself kkkk. And it’s all for now. See you tomorrow! Or maybe, on Monday! See you on my review post of this amazing drama!

With ❤

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