Falling For Innocence [review]


“Whoever it is or whatever situation it is, if you keep making excuses to be around that person, that is love.” – Doctor Cho (Falling for Innocence)

Gah! My fav dramas ended their run last week, The Girl Who Sees Smell then Falling for Innocence on Saturday and another one, Someone Like You ended its run on Monday. I have no idea what dramas should I watch next week tbh. This review should have been posted on Monday (25/05) but things happened. I’m a busy college student *bragging my college student title*.

For those who are looking for a perfect drama, I recommend you this drama. Falling for Innocence aka Falling for Soon Jung is a perfect drama for everyone. It has romance, it has mystery, it has comedy, it has revenge and all. My opening sucks right? Okay, let’s just skip this and let’s review this drama right away!

CAST + ACTING + IMPRESSION (10 out of 10)
This is the first project of Jung Kyung Ho that I watch, I had no idea who he was before picking this drama up. And thank God I gave this drama a shot. Kang  Min Ho is Jung Kyung Ho and Jung Kyung Ho is Kang Min Ho. I think it’ll be hard for me to forget Kang Min Ho because Jung Kyung Ho did extremely well in portraying his character. His acting was so awesome, smooth, memorable, and marvelous. He is an excellent actor and I hope he will be doing more and more projects in the future.

ep 7 (2)

Kim So Yeon was also the perfect fit for Kim Soon Jung. I loved her reactions especially to those Kang Min Ho’s witty and annoying actions. I didn’t really like her character in Two Weeks and I don’t remember much about Prosecutor Princess although I watched it twice (LMAO). But I loved her in this drama.

ep 1 (2)

The two leads surely had great chemistry and it was so fun watching them together. Jung Kyung Ho was great in acting childish, self centered, and arrogant man. I read many comments saying that Jung Kyung Ho’s acting was stellar in other JTBC’s drama Cruel City/Heartless City. I will totally watch that drama since my friends also recommend me that drama 🙂

I was surprised by Gong Hyun Joo‘s acting as Han Ji Hyun in this drama because she was stiff in Hotel King. She nailed her role and looked superb!

CINEMATOGRAPHY (10 out of 10)
I think out of all scenes, the stairway scenes are my favs. It’s the start of everything you know (the otp’s love story yeah).

EP 10 (9)

ep 14


Great camerawork in almost all scenes. Captured the scenes beautifully and perfectly. Just what you could ever ask for from a drama!

PLOT (10 out of 10)
The drama itself was predictable. Bad vs Good, heart transplant thingy, revenge, you can easily find these type of dramas out there. But every episode was a treat. The scriptwriter kept us in suspense to the last episode and there were reasons why I had to watch the next episode, the main factor why a drama is called fabulous. Every episode was loaded with many things that you just wouldn’t want to miss.

I liked how they didn’t force the love triangle thingy, instead, they threw it in briefly in the middle then the it’s forgotten after few episodes and they focused more in the competition and the romance. THE ROMANCE!!! How to express my excitement about the otp’s sizzling romance into good words. They had like the best chemistry in 2015 so far.

The drama started off with a strong but rather boring pilot episode. The pilot episode didn’t suck me in and I was considering to drop this drama until episode 2 slapped me hard for having that thought. Even though the first two episodes didn’t really impress me but I already fell for Kang Min Ho. When I started the drama, I hated heart transplant thingy because of a character named Ya Ti in a Taiwanese drama Someone Like You. Then in this drama Kang Min Ho also had cellular memory which is the same like in Someone Like You. But I didn’t find it annoying or irritating, it’s actually the major factor in this drama and the heart transplant recipient, Kang Min Ho, became childish after the surgery.

This drama taught us that even your bestestestest friend could betray you to save his own skin even though I don’t want to believe this but i think that there are many cases like this out there. The process of throwing Lee Jung Hee (played by Yoon Hyun Min) was difficult and all but thankfully the he got what he deserved. Dirtier people didn’t get locked in jail though, just like what he said to Soon Jung, “power determines all”.  And power was another major factor in Falling for Innocence. From beginning to end, they fought over power.

The drama as a whole was a great and heartwarming drama. Ep 15 easily beats all rom-com drama released this year. I’m going to post a special post to appreciate that super cute episode ;D Don’t forget the very fluffy, very sweet, very romantic last scene on ep 16!


OST (10 out of 10)
The title song is titled  파라다이스 sang by Davink is a must-listen song, the song is also the most played song in the drama. Other 3 songs are also must-listen songs. Track no 2 is called 꿈은 아니길 is a heartwarming acoustic song, no 3 is called Madly is a slow-tempo song with piano dominated. Last but not the least, 외친다 sang by 이윤찬. Somehow this song reminds me of drama Misaeng. One of the OSTs sounds pretty similiar to this song. Anyway, Misaeng also had a little cameo on ep 8 in this drama, One International was mentioned. I don’t know whether a company named One International really exists in this world. Also, Abnormal Summit made a little appearance in the drama too on ep 10. It’s when Woo Shik taught Min Ho how to seduce Soon Jung.

My fav various artist tracks are track no 7, 9 and 18. Other tracks are also nice to listen to and gives off a strong impression of the drama.

Overall Rating  : 10 out of 10!!
Will I watch it again? Yes!

This is the second drama to get 10 out of 10 from me after the glorious Bad Guys! Clap your hands guys!
As a bonus, a very cute fanmade vid of Kang Min Ho. I watched the vid like 10 times already kkkk

See you around!

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  2. Gia
    May 18, 2019 @ 10:26:07

    I do agree…
    10 for this drama…

    I even watch it again and again


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