Innisfree’s -super- mini drama “Summer Love” with Lee Min Ho and SNSD’s Yoona

I’m a fan of Innisfree because their products seem really friendly with the earth and we all know their quality is really good.  The brand promotes natural and eco-friendly products which i really like this concept. They seems to be the only k-beauty brand which promotes eco-friendly and natural products really heavily (even Nature Republic isn’t like Innisfree). I like their newest (?) slogan, which is “Play Green”. It promotes more and more green lifestyle to its consumers. Like in this video,

It shows us that we can actually re-use the jar to plant our succulent! Even though i don’t recommend that. As someone whose one of her three succulents died in vain because of bad drainage, i don’t recommend re-using the jar to plant your fav cactus or succulent without drilling the bottom first.

Not only that video, many months ago they posted on their IG a way to re-use their bottle once you finish the product. You can re-use that as a vase. So, i suggest you to follow their instagram and subscribe to their official youtube channel.

If you’re subscribing to their youtube, you must know that last month they uploaded two-ep web drama called Summer Love to promote their latest product, Long Wear Cushion. It’s actually not really a brand new line of cushion but it’s upgraded from the original line. The web drama has Innisfree’s top two endorsers as the casts, Lee Min Ho and Yoona.

HD ->

HD ->

Like the initial goal of this web drama, Innisfree wants to promote the Long Wear Cushion line. In the drama you can see the cushion. It’s really an expensive way to promote a product.

HD ->

HD ->

HD ->

Ep 1 is only 4:46 min long. It’s so short, right? And the second ep is a lil bit longer than the first ep, it’s 6 mins long. The story is really cliche and cheesy but it’s worth your time if you’re a fan of Lee Min Ho or Yoona. Even if you’re not a fan of anyone, you can watch this just to entertain yourself, it’s only 11 mins after all.

HD ->

HD ->

What I like the most is, the great camerawork. It’s really nice to see.

HD ->

HD ->

If you want to watch the web drama, you can watch it from innisfree’s official youtube channel. Don’t worry it’s subbed already. Here,

and ep 2,

Or, if you want to download and keep the videos on your laptop/PC, you can download the 720p here for ep 1 and here for ep 2. The links are not mine. I don’t know the original uploader, I just saw these links being shared by many people.

So, this is the end of this post. It’s Tuesday here in my country. Happy Tuesday!

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