The Girl Who Sees Smell OST

Good things are meant to be shared in order to spread the happiness and yes, what you’re about to see in this post is a good thing. The Girl Who Sees Smell ended its run two weeks ago with a happy ending for everyone. The drama became the platform for Shin Se Kyung to show her capability in portraying a lovely, lively, bubbly girl and it’s also a project that made people realize that this girl can act.

The various artist album around came out last week, loaded with 42 tracks and divided into 2 different CDs. My advise, do download CD 1! All songs are so great. Even track no 2 from CD 1 “우연히 봄” is charting really well on music portals in Korea. Today, 6th June 2015, as of 8AM KST, the song is #15 on melOn (Korea’s largest music portal) and also #15 on genie (reflected to Inkigayo). The instrumental tracks are also nice and in the drama also nicely inserted and don’t ruin the atmosphere of the scene where it’s inserted.

This album scores 9 out of 10 from me. Once again, my advise, do listen to CD 1. All songs are nice and you can play it whenever you want to boost your mood ^^

To download the album click -> here <- I divided it into two different rar so if you only want to download CD 1 for instance, then you can download CD 1 only without having to download CD 2.

It’s all for now, see you when i see you!


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