TW-Drama, Summer’s Desire appreciation post

If someone as dedicated as Ou Chen in this world really does exist, let me be your soulmate, of course minus his over protective side. Ou Chen is like every girl’s dream guy and if you have watch 2010 TW drama called Summer’s Desire you probably know why. I don’t recommend the drama because of one and MANY other things but it’s actually nice to watch and worth it.

I first watched the series back in 2010 when one of the TV stations in my country aired it. The series’ last scene left me a deep impression and I decided to re-watch the series early this year, 2015 and I DO NOT REGRET A THING. Okay, the camerawork sucked (it’s 2010 people!), Barbie Hsu’s acting was bad, Hwang Xiaoming‘s acting freaked me out a few times and Peter Ho’s character irritated me a few times. But the plot was bearable and it showed –even though a little bit too much- how crazy you could be/do when you’re in love.

I’ve always wanted to write something about this drama but only have time today so I’m going to leave this post here and there’s a very high possibility that years later I’m going to read this post and decide to re-watch the series again for the third time.

Ou Chen, played by Peter Ho, was either too stupid or too blinded by his love for Xia Mo. But toward the end of the drama, you can’t hate him because you will pity him. And that’s what exactly happened to me.

Especially on ep 12, Ou Chen woke up with Xia Mo still sleeping by his side.

12 2

Either he was possessed by stupidity goddess or he was really really really in love with Xia Mo, he decided to let Xia Mo go so she could be “happy” –happy according to his theory. His narration was actually really great. It showed how much he loved Xia Mo and he could everything for this woman and he was frustrated because not even a thing worked the way he wanted so he decided to let Xia Mo go. He also untied the green lace from her left wrist, as that lace was like an iron chain that kept Xia Mo in his love-jail.

“Although I can change myself but the truth is, I just ended up forcing you over and over again. That so-called happiness that I thought I can give you, can it really make you happy? Maybe only after you leave then you can find true happiness. I’m yours, and you, you are free.” – Ou Chen.

12 4

Okay, let me breathe first.

First, He was sincere! His love for Xia Mo was unconditional. And that’s all i need to know. He loved her with all his might but then he came to realize that Xia Mo might not be happy being by his side. He aknowledged that, and he was sorry for that. And with the fact that Ou Chen came to this stage alone was daebak already. For those who have watched the drama must know what I’m talking about. He

Second, it’s friggin romantic! Okay, I know ‘romantic’ is not the proper word to describe this but once again, “I’m yours, and you, you are free.”  He let Xia Mo go, she could hate him all she wanted and he wouldn’t mind at all, even if she married another man he wouldn’t mind. But Ou Chen was so persistent that he would never hate her and would always love her. If that’s not romantic that what is that? Since at that episode, we didn’t know yet whether Xia Mo loved Ou Chen or not so ‘true love’ isn’t the right word too.

Guys, really. This one scene blew away all of my rage and also healed my broken heart after watching the prev 11 episodes. It paid me just right. I can’t talk more since I have limited vocabulary ololololololol but seriously, if you’re planning to watch the series, you just need to hold your rage until this scene. After watching this scene, all of your hate, rage, frustration, sadness, all will disappear!

The drama has a deep impression in my heart I don’t even understand why. The cinematography does not WOW me, the acting totally sucks, but there are few scenes that I totally love and because of that, I can see myself in the future going back to this drama and giggle over Xia Mo and Ou Chen’s airport kiss kkkkkkk.

I’ll be back when I’m back,

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  1. alohabb.
    Feb 03, 2016 @ 07:50:01

    This drama is good and it will be perfect if the main girl character is not barbie hsu. Seriously? She ruin the whole drama. I wanted to confine watching it after last time. But ewe blarggg looking at her gave and acting I really hate this drama now. Seriously? With her acting like that and they wanted her to take the main role? Common. It completely stupid.


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