Wu Bai & China Blue –牽掛(On My Mind/Care)

Wu Bai & China Blue –牽掛(On My Mind/Care) iagw

Finally have a chance to write a post again! This post is different compared to my other post. This called Music of the Week! I’m thinking about making this a weekly topic but I don’t think I can keep it up since I only listen to my fav singers’s songs and OSTs. I’m that type of person who doesn’t want to listen to songs sung by singers that I don’t know especially rookies. Until that song becomes a phenomenon I most likely won’t listen to it LOL. But once I love a song, even if it’s not from my fav singers, I will listen to it all day long.

Wu Bai is a Taiwanese rocker and songwriter also one of the biggest rock stars in Mandarin-language music industry. He is labeled as Taiwan’s King of Live Music because of his excellent live performances. He is also considered to be one of the biggest pop music stars in East and Southeast Asia.

His song called 牽掛(On My Mind) is used as one of BGMs in a famous 2014 Taiwanese drama called In A Good Way (我的自由年代). The singer and the band made an appearance in the drama on ep 12, nearing the end of the episode. The title of the King of Live Music is a perfect fit for him. His live performance was excellent. Actually all singers who made an appearance on that episode sang live which really surprised me, I mean, hey they’re super stars and they sang live only for a drama when in Korean dramas they would only lip-sync why bother singing live when you can lip sync.

In A Good Way (2014) is an amazing drama, sets in 1995, starring Lego Li and Kirsten Ren as the leads and tells about campus life and innocence love story. It’s  a recommended drama if you ask me. The first half of the drama is about discovering their love to one another. The drama focuses heavily on the stage from just being friends to couple and it takes like more than 15 episodes until the leads finally together, correct me if I’m wrong I forgot the details since it’s been months since I finished marathoning it. And this is the charm that pulled me in. Awkward getures, don’t know what to talk, steal glances, shy kisses. I felt the urge to make them kiss. And after they’re finally together, the story goes downhill. I barely finished the series if not for the sake of finishing it because I was already halfway through.

Now back to the topic. On My Mind stuck in my head for days after I watched his and his band performance on episode 12 so I decided to surf the internet and see if I could get the original version of that song and I got it! But unfortunately it’s not 320kbps. I think it’s 192kbps or maybe even 128kbps I don’t know how to check it. But that’s not a problem because the song is really worth listening. The melody is really nice and the lyric is very sweet. It suits the drama very well too. Listen to it and you’ll fall in love in just one listen.

Below is the translation of the song, 100% Viki’s translation

You’re where my heart is
Floating around you yet cannot be clearly seen
You’re where my love is
It hovers and drifts in front of you, along with my heart

I do not wish to see you cry
So I won’t feel like to protect you from sadness
I do not wish to hear your lonely voice
So I won’t have the urge to tell you how I truly feel about you

You are where my hands want to reach
Sliding over your long hair and your heart
You’re where my tenderness goes
Flying over your shoulders and your hands

I do not wish you see you going away alone
So I won’t try to hold your hands and take you away
I do not wish to see your lingering expression
So I won’t have the urge to stay longer and bring you more sorrow

Like blossoming flowers, you bloom all over the sky
Give me warmth and embrace me with your arms
Not willing to admit is the weakness of my deepest love
Will I be able to spend the rest of my life with you?

Like blossoming flowers, you bloom all over the sky
Give me warmth and embrace me with your arms
Not willing to admit is the weakness of my deepest love
In sadness, I will begin to drift aimlessly

Can’t let you go is my heart
Floating around you yet cannot be clearly seen
Can’t let you go is my feelings
Lingering in front of you is how I love you

This is the official MV of the song.

And this is the cut perf of his on ep 12 of In A Good Way. He sang live!

And if you want to download the song you can get on -> here <-

See you around!

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